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Dissection Chamber

Dissection Chamber

Dissection Chamber

Type: Support
Faction: Necrons
Cost: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Location.

Forced Reaction: After an army unit enters play, deal it 1 damage.
“I’m done with this one, fetch me another!” –Illuminor Szeras

Set: Searching for Truth Number: 67 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak
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Is it just me or does this support sound awful, struggling to see how this can be that worth it, even if your trying to utilize Szeras's ability causing 1 damage to all your units that you put in to play seems bad unless you have his expensive event, in which case it may even out alittle. I don't see this being a good warlord.   

Thing is, if he had a lot of 2+ hp command cappers then I would be fully behind this warlord, but in its current state it's a very hard warlord to build for. The support is very good at wiping your opponent's command game but that means nothing if your own command is also wiped, within which lies the dilemma. Something along the lines of a support that gives all Drones command would be all that's needed to save this warlord from becoming the new Starblaze, but until then....

It eliminates opponent cappers. It adds to Units like the new drone ( -1 HP ). And it damages your own units so you can heal them off to generate resources. It works well with his Sig Event and Warlord Ability.

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I will built an Elite / Drone Deck with him right away. Perfect for that :-)

That was my initial thought, however if you don't draw this card you have no command yourself. It's almost a trap either way

I guess you gotta play the elite game. Slowly build up consistent command.

You ally with 2hp command cappers to get around the problem of "what happens if you find the support early". 3x Tallarn, 3X Shrine Guard and 3x Vior'la (or 3x Kinsman but then you might need a lot of green, maybe even consider Sslyth). I think this warlord is pretty interesting and the "lack" of 2hp cappers is technically not true because of Necrons. I'm still worried that 6 starting resources might limit him a lot against the big command boys; Kith and Eldorath, and that he might never recover.

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This card also makes it harder for your opponent to ambush in Eager Recruits and Elysian Assault Teams, and makes 'sacrifice to benefit' cards like Splintered Path Acolytes and Virulent Spore Sacs more costly.
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