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Ulthwé Spirit Stone

Ulthwé Spirit Stone

Ulthwé Spirit Stone

Type: Attachment
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 0
Shields: 1
Traits: Wargear. Ulthwé.

Attach to an [Eldar] army unit you control.
Interrupt: When attached unit would be destroyed, return it to your hand instead.

Set: Searching for Truth Number: 82 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Nick Deligaris
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pure speculation, what is the best target for this? my guess is wraith guard, but one of the far seers enter play triggers could be alright.Its that or a command caper, but when I play and they get sniped, its usually late enough that I don't need a replacement. 

for this you need units with "when enters play" effect. So currently it's both farseers, but both are quite meh.

Another option is warriors for Taleysin's warlocks, but still you'd better have enough warriors in the deck instead of an attachment, that recurs them.

I could see this being used with the Eldar deep strike event to ambush units in.

Could also use Ambush Platform to set it up. Maybe a new Vehicle Eldar kinda thing.

most vehicles have "no wargear"

I was thinking about Hardpoint Attachments and War Walker

The Dire Avenger Exarch with this could be a pain for the opponent. Guaranteed bodyguard for longer seems strong.

Eldar Survivalist isn't too bad a choice - often this is a favourite warlord snipe target and this discourages such play, especially if he is placed at a planet he isn't bothered about triggering.

Real shame it is "would have been destroyed", rather than "After the unit is destroyed, move it from your discard pile to your hand". Would have been amazing on Shrouded Harlequin! I suppose that's a reason they did it that way.

Regarding Exarch and Survialist, you could just as well run Craftworldgate.

Gate costs more. Must admit I am toying with a deck that uses both though!

Gate is a keeper though