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Land Speeder Vengeance

Land Speeder Vengeance

Land Speeder Vengeance

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 6
Attack Value: 4
Hit Points: 3
Command Icons: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Vehicle. Dark Angels. Elite.

No Wargear attachments.
Area Effect (3). Flying.

The Ravenwing soared high over the jungles, aiding in the search for the Fallen by destroying high value targets from the sky.

Set: The Warp Unleashed Number: 115 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Lukasz Jaskolski
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Serious contender for worst art in the game

Oct 03 2016 11:14 PM
That's convenient, it's one of the worst models in the tabletop game as well.
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Oct 04 2016 03:09 AM

Dark Angels have a lot of expensive units. 

6cc for 3 health? somethings off 

6cc for 3 health? somethings off 


But it has flying! Flying totally makes it worthwhile!




This is certainly a puzzling card. AE(3) is really good, but with that statline and cost...plus it's loyal, so it's not like you can drop it in Gorzod and get a little better return on your investment. Maybe whoever was in charge of Tyranid design got shuffled over to Space Marines for the final pack? :P

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Whilst cross-faction comparisons are always dicey, Bloodletter is a 4/4 with no hammers and AE3, this costs 1 more, trades 4 health for 3 health flying, and has a hammer.

Bloodletter gets PoG, whilst this gets Death Serves. Of course Bloodletter gets the vital Corrupted Teleportariums and better alternate economy overall. This does have Indomitable protection and various standing effects such as Techmarine Aspirant and Standard Bearer.

I think it adds valuable AE to a potential Elite deck for SM. The trouble is there aren't good enough Elites filling other roles, and movement shenanigans are very limited, combined with worse economy and it simply doesn't have a good deck to fit into. Had the game continued, I suspect this would have come to its own somewhere down the road, much like Bloodletter started out meh, but is now excellent.

I am sad that Gorzod can't have it though. And that it doesn't Deep Strike for Vezuel.
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Oct 04 2016 05:10 PM

I can't figure out if there is any fluff justification for why some units get more hammers than others. I can't figure out a pattern. I know there are balance and cost reasons. I just wonder why some Space Marine elites have a bunch of hammers and some have few or none.

So originally I thought it was for units that Had "Objective secured" in the tabletop game would have more hammers. Then it fell to What units in the tabletop were able to create a space around an objective through suppression fire and the like (which is where this is). But in general it is now just a balancing stat for the units they release. 


Since the command hammers give you the planet resources, it translated well enough to the units ability to take and hold objectives.