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Huge Chain-Choppa

Huge Chain-Choppa

Huge Chain-Choppa

Type: Attachment
Faction: Orks
Cost: 1
Shields: 1
Traits: Wargear. Weapon.

Attach to a non-warlord unit.
Attached unit gets +4 ATK.
Attached unit cannot ready between combat rounds during the combat phase

Set: Wrath of the Crusaders Number: 102 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Alex Konstad
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(Sentimental Marine)


"Chomp" ! 

Very strong card. Feels "Orky", with a real drawback that can be worked around but a clear and present threat. Even with only one attack, lots of Ork cards become one-hit wonders versus even tougher warlords.


It also is a potent combination for lots of A.M. tricks (Ratling Sniper swinging for 5 in the Ranged Phase is enough to discourage every warlord away, while all the ping'y Cadian Mortar recursion tricks go from a clever novelty to singlehandedly winning games if not dealt with).


Finally, it ekes out some  extra utility with being able to target any non-warlord unit - chuck it onto an enemy you don't want going but can exhaust (say, a Suppressive Fire or Captain Markis). Usually, you'd have to deal with this unit by the end of the first combat round or expend multiple resources, but a way-too-huge choppa can actually lock down an enemy unit for the rest of combat, giving this card fantastic offensive and defensive utility.

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I hate the fact that you can give equipment to your opponents' units (other than the attachments which are meant to go on enemies).  But I love the idea of loading chain axes into mortars.  I don't care if that makes me a thematic hypocrite.

With the recent addition of the Standard Bearer and Kommando Sneakaz, I feel like this card might be worth a 2nd look.

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Agreed. Spammed this combo in one of my last decks and got some good use out of it. Still need to play around with it some more.

Aug 29 2016 06:19 PM

So even though the attached unit "cannot ready between combat rounds" you can still ready the unit with cards like Standard Bearer or using Flash Gitz's action, for example?

yes, the limitation is on a very specific time window...though oddly not on a specific action...and as always he will ready in the HQ phase 

The Nazdreg list posted above (it's mine. I love it) abuses lots of re-reading to get around this 1 cost +4 attack gear. The Flash Gitz provide the obvious combo, but re-readying via Kommando Sneakaz (and previously, Standard Bearers) nets you lots of efficiency. There's also other possibilities with Smash 'n Bash and possibly at least one other combo out there I just don't know/remember.


The real trick is what the threat of this does to combat math. Once something attacks, people tend to want to kill other targets who can still pile on the damage. Stop that damage from coming through by sniping it dead first. Having your big choppa re-ready to swing again can win you games. Once the threat is known, you'll find opponents throwing two or three attacks onto your choppa-equipped units just to prevent them from standing back up and sneaking a hit in, or maybe pre-emptively retreating their warlords.


It's a great card, especially if you don't think fights will go on multiple rounds.

I have a question: say you have an army unit in the HQ equipped with Huge Chain-Choppa. If it goes to the first planet with the warlord train (therefore arriving exhausted) will it be unable to normally ready itself during the battle?

Yes. You'd need to find some other way to ready the unit carrying the Huge Chain-Choppa than readying between combat rounds. A good wielder is Nazdreg's Flash Gits, or the mortar squads from Cadia (especially if you're playing as Coteaz ;))

Otherwise, Smash'n Bash and/or Kommando Sneakaz are both fit for this purpose too.

Thank you for clarifying this. = )

Anytime Blackwhyn. On a side note, remember you could also potentially use the Chain-Choppa to stop one of your opponents' warlord-train units from readying by placing it on that unit instead of your own unit. Granted, it's a rather odd and risky move, but it might work in some matchups.


-And it certainly has the element of surprise :)

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