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Burrowing Trygon

Burrowing Trygon

Burrowing Trygon

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Tyranids
Cost: 10
Attack Value: 7
Hit Points: 7
Command Icons: 3
Traits: Creature. Behemoth.Elite.

Reduce the cost to deploy this unit by X. X is the highest number of Termagant tokens you control at a single planet.

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 33 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
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1/5  What is the max number of tokens you will probably have at a planet during the deploy phase?  5?  Maybe?  Typically 2 or 3 tokens though.  That means you are paying 7 or 8 for a card with a faction that is already way too expensive for a card that is a 7/7/3c.  I don't think it is worth it with the current card pool.

That was my theorycrafting response too. However, if you look at this in the context of being a late game closing move for a deck that is generating Termagants rapidly, you can often get this into play for 4 or 5 resources and win a a game with it.


Its not as bad as I first rated it in the warpack reviews, though it is by no means a STRONG card either. Its a 3/5, worth running 1 copy of if you run Swarmlord with a heavy gant generation build.

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Nov 20 2015 02:09 PM

Its not as bad as I first rated it in the warpack reviews, though it is by no means a STRONG card either. Its a 3/5, worth running 1 copy of if you run Swarmlord with a heavy gant generation build.

Which is my thinking with this card.  99% of the time I will wish it was any other card, but it's the 1% where it's a cheap-to-mid cost Warlord-killer where it'll come in useful.  of course I haven't played that Swarmlord deck yet (or against 'Nids in any form) so I have no real idea how it'll play, but that 1 copy of the Trygon will stay in my deck until I'm convinced it's really a terrible idea!

It can still be Yvarned in too. You don't *have* to get it in via termagants.

In a way, it reminds me a lot of Heldrake, which I used to run a single copy of out of chaos builds when the card pool was smaller. Its a potentially discountable big hitter.


Of course, its not as good as Heldrake, but for the current tyranid pool, I think its often worth splashing a single copy in. 

I will someday play 3 Burrowing Trygons for free on the same turn.


Until then, 3x in every Swarmlord deck, and you can't convince me otherwise.

Last time I faced an opponent who did that, they mulliganed into all 3.

I won that game...

He definitely shouldn't have mulligan'd if he was planning to draw all 3 Trygons after.


I can't remember the last time I drew a hand either before or after mulligan that had 3 copies of the same card.  Especially not in a 6 card hand.  I'm not going to worry about it.


Last game with Swarmlord, I dropped a Trygon from the "free unit" planet, then managed to win it again and was agonizing over triggering it for another free Trygon or waiting until next turn to play it for 6.


I think he's fair value for 6, though obviously I'm hoping to drop one free or for no more than 4, since if I wanted fair value for resources spent there are a lot of other units I could use instead.

0.1% chance. Yeah, not really a worry.

If you focus fire it, it is possible to have 9 termagaunts on a single planet by the beginning of the fourth turn ((synapse + infestion + adjacent Swarmlord) x 3 as well as at least 1 of the Swarmlord's two extras dying off somehow), which, if your card draw has allowed it, would mean potentially playing 3 of these for 3 cost. If Tyranids had some form of deck searching card, this might actually be a valid tactic, although it runs the risk of being awfully obvious and very susceptible to warpstorm, blood for the blood god, exterminatus, DDD etc.

Given he's statted at ~6 cost (goff nob is 5 cost with 0/6/6, so -3/-1/-1, dreadnaught is 6 cost with 0/8/8, so -3/+1/+1) so 5 or less is worth it, the cheaper the better. It becomes insane value at 3 or less, but hitting it is the real challenge.

Maybe there'll be an easier way to hit that threshold later in the game's lifetime. I don't think this card is a write off just yet, but we'll see

Practically speaking, the way you hit that threshold is by stacking up Termagants in your HQ by surging at planet 1 a couple of turns, and then commit to planet 2, then on 4th turn get your cheap trygons. If you stack in Termagant Horde, Gravid Tervigon, Swarmlord and Parasitic Infection, its not too arduous to get the numbers up really, really fast.


Agree that its an easily disrupted play, though.

Had the crazy thought of building a deck that takes 3 of these with Loamy Broodhives, STCs and Digestion Pools. The idea is to get enough tokens out to make it affordable enough to play, drop it in at the planet with all the termagants discounted via the STC/Pool and trigger Broodhives to discount the next 1/2 you then drop in. Perhaps even then throw in some Sudden Adaptations for extra jank to indirectly act as a cost reducer for other elites.

Not saying it's a good idea by any means, and requires far too many moving pieces to be realistically viable, but it would be hilarious to see :)