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Type: Event
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 2
Shields: 1
Traits: Power.

Deploy Action: Place a target support card or attachment on top of its owner’s deck.
The psychic might of the Eldar brought to bear in the heat of battle is a remarkable sight to behold.

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 61 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Nikolaus Ingeneri
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The Eldar version of Squig Bombin' although you get to target an attachment card in addition to a support. Same cost as SB but you're really only delaying the card's likely return to the table. Ammo Depot in play by your opponent might make Subdual less fun. However, Subdual will still buy you breathing room for a short while and its function is solid and vital. Rating this one a 3/5.

The return to top of deck condition is an annoyance but there are plenty of times where I'll happily pay 2 to cancel a support/attachment effect - and making the opponent pay to replace it and draw 1 less card too is gravy. It's the only support control option for Eldar and races allying to Eldar, and as such is a 4 out of 5 card.

I've been messing around playing 3x Subdual and noticed it has a couple interesting properties that aren't immediately obvious.


1) When one Subdual has a target, they all have a target. The second your opponent plays something worth Subduing, no Subdual is a dead draw. 


2) Regenerating Lurking Hormagaunts can be insta-killed on the Initiative.


3) While the card has a hard time generating card advantage, it does impact opposing consistency. This is a little more nebulous to define than card advantage since it deals with probability distributions whereas card advantage looks at hard numbers, but it is something that has an impact.


Now some of you will rightfully point at that it also ensures that your opponent's next draw will be a good card, since if it's worth removing, it's probably worth drawing. There is little reprieve from removing a Forward Barracks if the next card drawn by your opponent is a Forward Barracks. But my rebuttal to that is while individual cards can be strong, most wins come down to having the correct mixture of cards. By reducing the amount of cards your opponent sees from their deck, you also reduce the odds of your opponent seeing a powerful mixture and that has some value on top of the removal provided by Subdual.


Is it worth the 2 resources to play? It's entirely possible that it isn't. But if it's worth playing then you're probably probably better to go with 3 x as each copy strengthens the rest.

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There is little reprieve from removing a Forward Barracks if the next card drawn by your opponent is a Forward Barracks

Building on your counterpoint for this argument, it's also worth keeping in mind that some of the most popular cards in the game are ones that don't make a danger go away, but simply defers it until later. Archon's Terror doesn't remove that terrifying enemy unit, it just gets it out of *this* battle. Similarly, if Subdual can get a Forward Barracks removed from *this* battle, then I might be ok with letting my opponent play it (and pay for it) again next round.


Getting rid of a card temporarily (for the duration of a battle, or until the next game round) can still be a strong effect, even if it only gives you temporary reprieve.

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I could be completely off base with this, but it's not looking half-bad out of Kith either.


The pull of Slaanesh's Temptations too strong? Subdue them.

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Also Warp Spiders help those Subdued cards stay away if played correctly (I know its an expensive combo but that first time you use it to discard a Troop Transport or Kymera Den you will feel that warm happy sensation in your soul) Also spiders have a slight synergy with Exarchs and can just be a pain for your opponent because of their effect.

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Apr 06 2016 04:38 PM
This card is slowly becoming an auto include in my Eldar decks. Especially if more solid 3 drop supports get released.