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Sa’cea XV88 Broadside

Sa’cea XV88 Broadside

Sa’cea XV88 Broadside

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Tau
Cost: 6
Attack Value: 4
Hit Points: 6
Command Icons: 3
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Soldier. Pilot. Elite.

This unit gains Area Effect (2) while it has 1 or more attachments.
A heavy battlesuit based off the same chassis as the Crisis Battlesuit, it is equipped with a bigger payload designed to destroy armored targets.

Set: Zogwort's Curse Number: 86 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Andrius Anezin
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I would like to see it on the table, but 6 res cost is just too much for my decks. Especially with so many DE recently and also AM getting stronger.

You depend on the signature support of O'shaserra to protect him against harmful effects.

You depend on the signature support of O'shaserra to protect him against harmful effects.

good luck with including these guys to your deck hoping to protect them with ONE card that you have in your deck.

Mar 08 2015 06:39 PM
If these guys are coming out you should have troops out already..think these guys are support/finishers. Still crisis suits with mobile might still be better.

Anyone with an ounce of imagination is going to be saying "and Gun Drones for AoE 4!"


Anyone with a smidgen of common sense is not going to build a deck around that combo.


Having said that, I think that one thing that this card has going for it is that it could add some much needed punch to an Aun'shi deck, and provide AoE Armourbane without needing the slots for 3x Gun Drones and 3x Ambush Platform.


I think this is an Aun'shi card, and one that keeps it simple: 6 resources for a unit that, with Warlord support, will win battles. I can see Aun'shi decks running 1 of these.

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Mar 08 2015 11:17 PM
..or Aun'Shi who hasn't thought of that one?

Aun'shi also provides the chance to turn them into ethereals, making them valid targets for Kauyon or the Signature Support when no ethereal is present.


O'Shaserra provides her signature support to protect him plus his signature event that lets you move it around in case he is routed with a card: 1 support + 2 events vs. 3 terrors/fortresses. I believe that's a fair match.

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Bigger payload is awesome. But I also have to pay a load for this... No thanks.



I like this a lot in Shadowsun because getting some kind of attachment on it will be not too difficult. And then there's Squadron Redeployment so that's nice. He also seems like a good, beefy target for Repulsor Impact Field. Combined with the Marker Drone I think Shadowsun got a lot to like in this set!

My main issue with the Broadside is that some of the more useful attachments seem to be suboptimal on it since ATK buffs are kinda wasted. You want to use the AoE, after all.

Furthermore, any unit can be pretty darn amazing with an attachment. AoE 4 can be, in many cases, overkill. For 3 resources you can have a Marksman + Gun Drones for ranged AoE 2. While it requires more cards, at 5 cost it can have that same AoE 4.


Main pro of the Broadside would be that lategame, even when you have used all your Gun Drones, you can pick any other attachment and still get the AoE if you really need it, Then again, you can do many cool things with 6+ resources in most scenarios.

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I do also like that he has 3 command icons...he can hold down a planet for you until you get there to fight later - and give you time to deploy a Gun Drone attached to him, thus spreading out the high cost of getting that AOE 4. Or, since you presumably had a fight or two before you reach his planet, you could have an attachment in your discard pile to bring back and put on him for an AOE 2. He has versatility, though, in that he has 4 regular attack if you'd rather just hit something hard than hit a bunch of targets. Put a Stealth Cadre on him and you have a BIG multi-tool of hitting one guy for 6 or hitting everyone for 2.

Mar 13 2015 09:26 PM
There's is better things you can do with 6 resource (most of the time). If you include these just include 1 or they will take to many slots in the deck. I've had a few chances to play the XV88 a lot of the time there's a better play and sometimes he was the play.

This card is a 1 of to abuse with the planet that lets big guys in for free.

If hard casted the other mech is better because of mobility

This card may seem overkill, but sometimes that AoE 4 ends a fight that an AoE 2 would not. Or, with an Ion Rifle, an attack of 7 damage can kill a warlord outright before any retreat chance. Even a RIF suits him, thanks to his 6 hp.


It's also amusing to see your opponent unable to Archon's Terror it with Shadowsun's signature support on the board.


For those that think 6 resources is too much, bear in mind it's a single card. Other plays may require you 2-3 (or more) cards to spend those resources. Playing this big fella means you can keep more shields in your hand. Or, in late game, can be a much better topdeck than a lonely Vior'la. Anyway, it's surely a single copy card. And the Crisis definitely outmatches it: same command, cheaper and mobility, while also scary with an Ion Rifle or Cadre.

I've decided to go one copy in my Shadowsun deck, and to run a Shadowsun deck that is hyper-low cost otherwise, on the theory that low/high resource curves missing out the 3-4 costs can be pretty damn good. Wil report back on the playtesting.