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Blitz da Snots! - 2016 Worlds Runner Up, 2017 Unofficial Euros Champion

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Great deck and a great performance at worlds! Grats on such a fine achievement Pejh :D

Your thoughts on strategy are very interesting too. Thanks for posting!

Thanks for posting Pejh, great playing you in the cut (and yes I did forget to nullify the DStE, I remember thinking, "that's a cool include in Nazdreg" instead of "I should nullify that").

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Thanks for posting Pejh, great playing you in the cut (and yes I did forget to nullify the DStE, I remember thinking, "that's a cool include in Nazdreg" instead of "I should nullify that").


I have it admit, it was quite amusing to watch you go from "Oh that's neat"  to "... OH **** I'm not letting that happen" ;)

For a more Orky version of events, go here: http://www.cardgamed...orkish-edition/

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Updated to include a tournament report from the Unofficial Euros 2017

Good stuff! I hate playing against those Blitza Bombers. I'd rather face the Battlewagons... 10 people's not a bad turnout, considering, and I'm assuming there were more who would have played if they weren't already committed to other games that weekend. You know, I wrote a passionate post a few months ago in response to the controversy around the branding of the 'official' Worlds Conquest tourney: I still stand by those principles in theory, I do also feel some pangs of regret because I've realised that the approach that i and others advocated runs the risk of waterering down the excitement and glamour of such tourneys. What was it Kurt Cobain said? Better to burn out than fade away. Maybe we do need one final, big 'official' vanilla-only offline tourney to give the vanilla game a proper send-off? Anyway, I'm curious about half the field being Dark Eldar. Any chance of more details re faction and warlord numbers?

Thing with the Battlewagons is that unless you have some from of AoE that will survive long enough to swing after the Battlewagon's popped, the Snotlings will probably wipe you out. The Bomma, whilst harder to kill, still needs to actually survive the round in order to trigger (short of a Kommando Sneakaz), and if they have less than 3 hp left on characters the nature of indirect damage means that a single shield is always enough to keep a unit alive.


Regarding the whole "unofficial" debacle, I'd like to remind everyone that the European Championship in 2016 was also "unofficial", but was larger than almost every (if not, every) "official" tournament that's ever happened (excluding online tournaments) and no one at the time complained about the prestige, or lack thereof, of the event. Granted, this year's was no where near as big, but surely it's better to have a tournament than to not have one?


Also, if Thrones hadn't overrun and the Germans (Dan Jung + Stefan) hadn't missed their flights I think we would have gotten closer to 16.

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What frustrates me about the Bombaz when playing against them is that even when exhausted they are still a threat that needs addressing before the end of the combat round, and focussing your attacks on an exhausted enemy unit at the expense of a ready unit rarely feels like an efficient approach. At least with the Battlewagon you can park the problem until the start of the next round, and can retreat your units unscathed if you know you can't win this particular battle. Re the tourney itself, I'm gutted I couldn't make it. It sounds like it was good fun. I probably didn't choose the right words earlier, i wasn't thinking in terms of prestige at all. I'm still trying to think how best to phrase it... I want to say 'magic': As in, by trying to keep everyone in the community happy maybe its come at a price: A teeny bit of the magic has gone as a result, and if I'd foreseen that then I'd have kept my mouth shut when *that* debate was happening. Hope that makes sense, and apologies if it came out wrong earlier. I'm still keen to hear more about the Euros!

To be honest, if your opponent has exhausted their Bommer with other things still ready they're probably playing the Bommer wrong (unless it was either at 1 hp, the 3+ attack is particularly needed, or a Sneakaz are coming). That is true, though, that the Battlewagon can be ignored until other things are dealt with, but then you have a 4 attack unit with a relatively weak body just sitting there pounding at your guys :P.


Regarding the tournament, it was a shame that you and Nigel couldn't come, but at least we got a few games in the week before. Don't worry about your wording, my last point was mostly aimed at the community in general rather than you specifically. What I liked about the tournament is that the "magic" of previous Conquest events felt like it had come back. Everyone was remembering why they loved the game as much as they did and, from what I could tell, everyone really enjoyed themselves. I certainly did (although going undefeated does help ;) )

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