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Decree of Eldorath

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How essential do you think it is to have Hellion Gang x3 and Spiritseer Erathal x2?

Would you consider, for example, -1 Hellion Gang, +1 Bloodied Reaver for extra hitting power, and/or -1 Spiritseer Erathal, +1 Empower for more shields (I find that I never want to use Gift of Isha unless as shields unless absolutely forced to)?

 Spiritseer Erathal IMHO - for 3x Nullify, which very usefull

I also like to use x3 Hellion Gangs to "counter hit" most warlord snipes

I would drop 3 Hellion Gangs, and add 3 Superiorities back in .  Also max up one-drops again. Although the meta might indeed lead us away from all these tiny units.

I have a version of this(maybe changed like 4-5 cards total) that is working just fine. Thanks for posting! Eldorath shifting to a deck that has some pop is a welcome change from staring at an ineffective military lineup.

You and your "2x" decks, Kingsley! Have some conviction! Drop the Rogue Traders, add a Void Pirate and a Merc. Drop Celeachia, take another Wild Rider!


Oh, and while I broadly agree with Stefan that Superiorities are great, I think you've made the right call in this scenario. That extra bit of combat bite can make a lot of difference in the critical battles, and Superiority is milfly anergistic with Ssylth Mercenaries (though is mildly synergistic with Revenant).

Jan 07 2016 01:46 PM

I run a version of this with minor changes and it seems to be very powerful against most warlords. I am especially loving the Wraithguard Revenant which synergizes excellently with Starbane and many times catches the opponent off guard.