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Urine - Let's try


I'd consider making room for at least one Soul Seizure. While its incredibly expensive for what it does, its also more or less Urien's win condition. Its easy enough for Urien to run a strong command game, what he lacks is decisive moves to win planets.


I'd go -3 Razorwings. +1 Ssylth, +2 Soul Seizure.


Also, I think 3 Archon's Palace is very strong in the long game that Urien has to play.

On realisation that my current Urien deck posted isn't the one I currently use, have updated it:



Sep 17 2015 11:04 AM

I won't let go razorwings. I made this deck just to play 3 of it XD sorry

But i'll remember your words when I'll test it tonight. If they suck I'll drop 'em

Sep 18 2015 10:06 AM
First impressions:

- Urine is not that bad
- 3x razorwings are always helpful but the lack of command icons is heavy so it's a meh card. Maybe I'll go down to 2x
- Visions of agony is surprisingly great. I often use it in deploy
- Never used searing brand except for shields because when I had it I preferred a klaivex or was just not worthy
- You need to play him with a lot of more efforts than any other warlord (duh) I could have win some games but due to bad mistakes I've lost them
- I never had a good target for Soul Seizure ^^" so I'm glad it didn't made the cut


Kingsley is always right: solarite in 2x is excessive and a little bit underwhelming. I'll drop the 2nd and restore the 2nd Syren

Speaking of kingsley I would love to hear his thoughts. Where is that man?

I've not had a chance to test the Solarite yet. Added a copy to my Kith deck, but just can't seem to draw him...


How did he play?

Sep 21 2015 04:19 PM
Well... he's strong but 4 resources are a lot and don't peform great against warlock destructor, 2 blows and he's out and the 2nd blows does not make any damage (yes you can always shield). Also, if your opponent is starting to ignore him you might draw the second copy of it and it's useless.

Also, a Klaivex performs way better :\ you cannot afford to play that many cards with such high cost.

Don't get me wrong he's ridicusly strong. Just 4r for a card are a lot and he does hit not so hard you might die from contingent problems (warlord killing, other planets win condition).

Sad but true... it's not OP because DE has already OP cards.
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