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Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to the 2nd Edition Rules Forum! 


A note for first-time posters: Your first post on the forum has to be approved by an administrator (I am not one), which typically results in a short delay in your question appearing here. However, the administrators are not active on weekends, which may leave your question in limbo until Monday. 


Purpose & Structure: 


Its purpose is to serve as a place to come ask questions about/learn/discuss the intricacies of the rules of the game. This includes the ins-and-outs of running and judging tournaments. In addition, this forum should serve as a reference for players to come back to and find rulings they are looking for. As such, when a question is answered appropriately, a moderator will flag the best answer and mark the thread answered.


Rules Resources:

Guidelines for Asking Questions:

  • Before asking, have a look around these forums and the above Rules Resources to see if your question has already been answered. You can use the search term "in:cardgamedb.com" in google to query this site specifically.
  • Many of the answers from this forum have also been transcribed by Scantrell as comments to the relevant cards on thronesdb.
  • Please include a precise descriptive title (e.g. Catelyn Stark (Core) vs The Wall (Core) , Questions about setup NOT Quick Question”)
  • Where possible, include the card text or relevant rules text about which you have a question - links to the card itself on cardgamedb are also welcome.

See example question here.


Guidelines for Answering Questions

  • One of the purposes of answering is to educate: try and answer the specific question asked as well as explain the underlying reasoning. As the old saying goes, Teach a person to interpret a timing chart, and youll...
  • If you are not certain of your answer, make that clear in your reply.
  • Keep in mind that the best answer will be flagged and remain a reference for new players for years to come. Adjust your tone, precision, language, and so on, accordingly.
  • Where possible, include the rules text (or at least references to the correct sections of rules documents) required to derive your answer.
  • If you obtain information directly from FFG, include the FULL question sent & answer obtained. 

See example answer here.

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The pinned topic above has been updated to include the FAQ & New tournament rules documents.

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