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Questioned Claim

Questioned Claim

Questioned Claim

Type: Event House: Neutral
Game Text:
Small Council.
Any phase: Each player that does not control a King or Queen character must choose a challenge type. Until the end of the phase, that player may only initiate challenges of that type.
Number: 24 Set: AE
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Lauren Cannon
Recent Decks: Bloodthirst 3rd UK nats after swiss (5W1L)
For the public
martell bloodthirst 3rd place batalla por el mure top 4 octgn tourney
MartEllaria - Melee Deck
Stannis No draw for you


Say none of the players control a king or queen character at the moment this card is played: who is the first to declare what their challenge type will be for the phase?
The player that played the card.
This can be played before plots are selected, yes?

So you could play it, then determine your plot selection on their choice - say, Lineage and Legacy if they picked power, or Shadows and Spiders if they didn't pick intrigue.

Or you could run it as a bluff, if they fear being moustrapped by either of those plots?
Nov 26 2014 08:04 AM

Yes, this event can be played before plots. Do people in your meta make challanges during plot phase? 

I guess you can play it during the plot phase for Joffrey. I don't really see another use apart from that 'discard to 4'-plot.

Nov 26 2014 04:03 PM

@Andrew - the effect only lasts for the phase, so playing it during the plot phase won't have any effect during the challenges phase.

Ahh, right. All I looked at was the "Any Phase" trigger condition. Army Robb is weird in the same way.