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Ser Lancel Lannister

Ser Lancel Lannister

Unique Ser Lancel Lannister

Type: Character House: Lannister
Cost: 2 Strength: 2 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Lord. Knight.
Ser Lancel Lannister gets +1 STR for each [Holy] Character in play.
Crest: Holy
Number: 41 Set: TPoL
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Kip Ayers
Recent Decks: Casterley Rock Dreams
lanni - conquest to bara - holy
Lannister City of Shadows - Ain't no party like a Preston Party
Clansman Go To Ashemark (1st Place, Rayleigh UK SC)
The Holy Old Way


2 for 3 with relatively good traits, a holy crest, and he gets better when more holy characters are on either side of the board? Heck, that's more efficient than even Greyjoy have been getting lately.

Good card for making people take a hard look at holy out of Lannister.
Agreed with Arzoo. This card will see lots of out of house play. I appreciate it's Nedly quality. 4 out of 5 beheaded Ned's!
need more useful holy knights like this, preferably out of lanny. I wanna build a holy knights of the realm deck XD
Doubting Septa, Practical Believer, Ser Lancel Lannister
Confession, Power of Faith
Cersei (LotR), Power Behind the Throne

Looks like hands are gonna cry . . . .
It would be nice to have some more non-unique holy Lannister characters, to open up a new deck-type. I suppose they are not the most pious house though!