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Dragonstone Convert

Dragonstone Convert

Dragonstone Convert

Type: Character House: Baratheon
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
House Florent.
If you have more than one opponent, Dragonstone Convert gains Vigilant.
Flavor Text: "I have seen it in the flames."
Crest: Holy
Number: 105 Set: APS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Magali Villeneuve
Recent Decks: lanni - conquest to bara - holy
Iron Throne Decoy Robert
Tattered Merc
(MELEE) NOBLE CAUSE (2nd in Chilean Melee National)
Shadows Asshai


Mar 26 2012 07:19 PM
new damphair bait
No Asshai is killing this thing.
Agreed. I doubt I'd ever use this card.
she could open confession out of holy decks...and in melee (vigilant)....but yeah very meh card.
Yeah if I am going to run confession I have much better cards than this. Plus I NEVER play melee. If I am forced to during a tourney situation then I just use my joust deck and tell everyone I'm going to roll their faces with rush. Last tournament (Days of Ice and Fire) I went 1st 1st 2nd at my tables. :)
Soooo..... what does she absolutely have to have the Asshai trait for?
I'm guessing for the extra strength, for the military icon when not in a power of faith plot, and to reduce further the cost of the asshai army....in general for the synergy of holy asshais.

Other uses, litany, the char ability cancel, etc
Interesting to read all of the "meh"/negative comments on this. I actually thought she was pretty cool for an Asshai-based deck. Not bad stats/abilites/cost. Sure, much better in melee though.
It's not that it is bad, but the 3g holy deck places are used by asshais....and the vigilant is welcome but not essential in holy decks.

For me "meh" is "i could use it or not and it doesn't make a difference", it's not a card that you look and think "i need to put it in a deck now!!!"
Am I the only one thinking that the stealth is a huge selling point? (Probably more than Vigilant). With The Power of Faith, you have two turns of a non-kneeling stealthy tricon attacker. And those sorts of holy decks don't usually just have one holy character in play for those turns.
Yeah but here's the thing, why would I run her over say Zealot of the Light (BtW)? The stealth isn't that big of a selling point for me honestly. If I really want stealth I feel like I can just run Smuggler's Cove (KotStorm).
Thats the thing, you have to choose between a 3strength, tricon only on power of faith, with stealth, or a +3 (gains strength for asshai synergies) strength tricon, on power of faith and anytime there are cards in shadows. Who you choose is personal preference.
While it broke my heart that she's not Asshai, I like this card a lot (for melee). The effectiveness of stealth cannot be overstated and Convert plus Smugglers Cove is awesome with Defenders Mel. I actually scrapped my Holy Greyjoy deck for a Bara one that I'm excited about and the Vigiliant is awesome for rounds you don't have Power of Faith.
i would have prefer an enter play passive ability instead of the melee vigilant...something to discard allies or knights, or lords, or maesters....then you could play her, and then turn her into asshai and vigilant with the att....much more playable.
Mar 29 2012 05:12 PM
Bara holy builds in melee are incredibly twitchy to begin with, but yea the lack of an asshai trait really makes this a pretty looking card ill probably always pass over
Mar 29 2012 05:39 PM
Kinda sad that asshai means that much to people. iMHO i'd sell all the direwolves of the north to petco if i had a 3 for 3 int/pow holy character with stealth in house :/ stupid godswood attendant!
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It's not like this is a bad card because it doesn't have the asshai trait. It's a great card! However, Baratheon just has better characters available to them. Sure Stark would use the crap out of it, but Baratheon doesn't really have the need to use it.
on the other side....what would baratheon give to have a non kneeling army like northern cavalry xD
Mar 29 2012 07:46 PM
or a repeatable kill attachment like grey wind, or location attachment control like frozen solid, or frozen moat or, ect ect
I wouldn't give anything, because Baratheon is perfectly fine right now. I can, and have, beaten every deck out there. Martell GG? Still was able to beat it more times than I lost. Stark Shadows? Beat its ass. Lannister Power Behind the Throne? Kicked its teeth in. etc etc
I do like that this character can have vigilant and not be baratheon only. I think it could make some interesting GJ alliance holy build. Also, the phrasing I think josh is going for is '**** in their mouth', or perhaps 'clowned that ***** and pink-socked it'.
joshua, me too but i still want shiny new things. For example i would like some renown or unique asshai just to have something new and change some stuff.

Beside the knon kneeling guy was more for the nightwatch deck than the noble one....how good would it be with first ranger and the wall!!!!
lol Meh. I still think that there are better cards than this guy. I only see myself running this in a knight deck I think.
Mar 29 2012 08:55 PM
I'm convinced that the Asshai trait is effectively done for in Bara. I think you'll be seeing stuff that keys of House Florent or more likely the Holy Crest. You could probably use anything new with an Asshai focused deck but mainly because its Holy support. This and the new Axel are just a primer for things to come.
I don't think Asshai is done at all. You'll see more Asshai. Almost guarantee it.