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Seal of the Crown

Seal of the Crown

Unique Seal of the Crown

Type: Attachment House: Neutral
Game Text:
Decree. Condition.
Attach to your House card.
If you are not running an agenda, Seal of the Crown gains: "Players draw 1 additional card during the draw phase.
After a player draws 1 or more cards through another card effect, that player must choose and discard 1 card from his or her hand."
Number: 117 Set: APS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Storn Cook
Recent Decks: Stark-Theon Murder
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When using together with the laughing strom must I discard after I draw?
Nope. The Laughing Storm would stop you from discarding.
Since on the card there is a new paragraph between the sentence containing the agenda restriction and the sentence containing the discard rule would I be correct in thinking that the second sentence applies whether or not you are running an agenda?
No, quotes indicate, that both paragraphs apply only when you are not running an agenda.
Would this make The Long Voyage (TPoL) decks discard one after their draw?

Would this make The Long Voyage (TPoL) decks discard one after their draw?

Yes, but it would also make them draw an additional one....so instead of drawing three, they would draw four and discard a card from their hand.
May 10 2013 01:51 PM
Would they discard one for each draw effect (agenda & seal)? or just one total?
Just one. You only discard for other draw effects, so no discard for the seal.
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Is this worth using in a no agenda deck? I can't decide if it's beneficial or if it helps the opponent too much as well.
double post
Right now I'd strongly consider it, just because of Long Voyage becoming so prevalent. It depends how much other draw you have, though.
I fiddled with it online for a bit in my Dothraki deck that uses search. It was OK, but ultimately got cut. Now, with Ghost of High Heart, it was really fun! Choose a card to discard, let them draw, then discard another!
I have had old project deck of Martell reveal/revenge. The problem is that I think I have played the deck 10+ times and even with the tons of reveal I have there I have only gotten it in one game so far so I still can't quite say if the card works.