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Sorrowful Man

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Sorrowful Man

Sorrowful Man

Type: Character House: Targaryen
Cost: 0 Strength: 2 Icons: Power
Game Text:
House Targaryen only. Deadly.
Response: After an opponent's character enters play, kneel 2 influence to bring Sorrowful Man out of Shadows and into play. Then, that character's controller must either pay you 1 gold or kill that character.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 110 Set: APS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Joao Bosco
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Nice to get rid of shadow or expensive characters.
I like it too in theory - a lot. I'm sure gonna try him out, will be very interesting to see how good he actually is in action.
Sorry for spam.

Rules question: My opponent's character comes into play with a response ability which may be triggered when that character enters play, for example The Viper's Bannermen, and I am the first player (having this crd in shadows). If I take this card out of shadows to kill the Bannermen (my opponent has no gold left), will he still be able to rigger the comes-into-play response (the leaves play response messes it up a bit here, but ignore that...)?
Since moribund cards leave play at the end of the player action framework, I think your opponent would still be able to trigger the response. Not 100% sure, though...
Yeah its actually a weird response where the Bannerman will be able to trigger both the come into play and leaves play.
Yup, Staton is correct. The Army will stay in moribund until all the appropriate Response triggers finish.
Alrite. Thanks guys!
1 gold is not enough in my opinion. The opponent will almost always be able to pay the 1 gold expense, so you will almost never be able to benefit from the full effect of this card.
2 gold would be more appropriate, I believe.
Also, is this the only shadow character card which can be played as a response to an opponent playing a character card? I was under the impression that shadow cards have their own step at the beginning of each phase where they are able to be played... this card doesn't fit that mold.
Well there are other cards that come out of shadows at other times than the beginning of the phase. Look at cards like Ser Mandon Moore (TBoBB), Guardian Wolf (TIoR), and Meera Reed (TftH).
People often do not save gold if they don't think they have a reason to since board presence is usually more beneficial than cash in the bank so even at one gold it will hit often enough, not to mention if people save gold turn after turn because they think you put this guy into shadows then it was well worth the cost even if you never used him.
Mar 26 2012 09:03 PM
@Vuldin. Any Shadow card is played during the Framework Event that starts any phase. You can respond off of that. There are numerous Shadow cards that respond off of themselves and each other. This isn't any different.

Further, this is one of the few ways to gain additional gold as Targ. Even if you don't stuff someone's character during Marshalling, you're potentially improving your board position by exchanging 2 influence for 1 gold. Important if you're playing a card like Young Griff who's a bit of a gold sponge if you're using all of his abilities.
Look for this rule clarification in the forum. The opp can always select the 1g option, even if hey don't have gold.
Too bad Sorrowful Man wasn't phrased using the word "unless".
That would of kicked some ass and taken some names.
is that correct ? so my opponent has 0 gold and somehow marshals a charater into play, i espond by getting the sorrowfull man out of shadows he chooses to give me 1 gold (witch he doesnt have) and nothing happens ?
Apr 23 2012 11:32 AM
yeah, it seens that the design team uses set theory to guide their rules making. what sorrowful man asks you to do is choose between two sets, gold or desth. in set theory, the null/ empty set is just as valid as everother.
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Is it intentional or can we hope for an errata? :/
FFG seemed to imply that it was going to be eratta'd. No guarantee though.
Nice, cos I'm (was) really looking forward to playing with this guy.
Apr 24 2012 01:47 PM
Well if that is correct then wouldn't Shield Islands Dromon (LotR) be equally useless unless opponent already has two power?
Yep, that is indeed correct. Which makes me sad. :(
Can i cancel his response with Alannys or with the Iron Throne? How does it work exactly?
With Alannys Greyjoy (ODG)? Yes, you can cancel it.

With the The Iron Throne (LotR)? No, you can't cancel it, since it's not exactly a character ability at the time of triggering (only effects on cards in play are considered to be abilities, and the effect on Sorrowful Man (APS) is triggered from Shadows and thus, out of play).
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Ok thanks mate and if Alannys triggers him, will he be able to come out of shadows or bounce back?