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The Grand Melee

The Grand Melee

The Grand Melee

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:2 Initiative: 2 Claim: 2
Game Text:
Military Battle.
During challenges, total attacking STR is determined by counting the number of participating attackers and total defending STR is determined by counting the number of participating defenders.
Number: 40 Set: TGM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: David Nash
Recent Decks: Stark Control Deck
Melee Lannister Tourney
Illyrio's Gifts
KotHH Burn jumper v0.2


I think this plot will be fun to play :)
Ironically, it's really great along with the Joust keyword :P
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Nov 18 2011 02:18 AM
@Laxen - yeah, I was thinking that :) Also kinda great for Joust-bypassing effects on defense like Catlyn Stark and Greatjon. I'd strongly consider this for my House Tully deck. At least in Joust…
Jan 10 2012 08:54 PM
Can you still add strength modifiers like endless endurence or does a character with the joust keyword attacking alone automatically win with this plot card. I read it like it's not possible to add or subtract strength.
Endless Endurance wont work as it adds strength to a character, however something like The Shadow Tower and the titles for melee that specifically add to total strength work.
@Arrdet, i'm not so sure they would as the cards states total attacking and defending strength is worked out by the number of characters in the challenge, almost seems you cant add any strength from else where
The Shadow Tower adds to total strength. It does work in this case, as does the bonuses from Titles.
From the rule book;

Add the total STR of the attacking characters.
This becomes the total attacking STR. Then add
the total STR of the defending characters. This
becomes the total defending STR.

So it stands to reason that this determination of total strength is what the plot refers to, meaning then that anything that specifically modifies the total challenge strength such as The Shadow Tower and the melee titles will still function.
Feb 04 2012 02:17 PM
When using the Deck Builder, I noticed that this card has been added to the database with 2 Influence instead of 2 Initiative.
How does this plot work with Martell's "Underhanded Assassin"?
Jan 20 2013 10:23 AM

How does this plot work with Martell's "Underhanded Assassin"?

A character with 0 strength can still participate in challenges so long has they have the challenge icon or some ability to bring them into the challenge. When this plot is in play the assassin's ability still works during challenges but it's irrelevant since challenge strength is being counted through an alternative method.
How keywords such as intimidate or melee work with this plot ?
Since melee adds to the strength of the character, and intimidate says characters below a certain strength do not count their strength, they are both modifying individual character's contributions to the str totals. Neither of them have any interaction whatsoever with this plot.

Can fights be initated or defended by characters whose strenght is already 0 from a constant efect (e.g. Dragon Pit). Does this Plot make them eligible as long as they have the appropriate icon? 

Yes. You can initiate a challenge with 0-STR characters even without this plot.

and what is the outcome of an unopposed fight of a 0 strenght char without the plot? (thnx btw)