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First Ranger

First Ranger

Unique First Ranger

Type: Attachment House: Neutral
Game Text:
Unique character only.
Attached character gains the Night's Watch trait.
Response: After you win a challenge in which attached character participated, stand all other Night's Watch characters.
Number: 95 Set: TBC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Lucas Soriana
Recent Decks: Lion's Gate v2
Lion's Gate
Stark night's watch 2nd place manchester store championships
The Northern Front


Fantastic card! But who should be the First Ranger?
I first thought about cards with some kind of immunity like High Septon (LotR) in a Neutral NW Deck.
Usally I´m runnig a Stark NW Deck instead and came across Galbart Glover (CbtC) (even though I have no use for his ability).

I play NW decks around Old Bear's Crow (TGM) (Link to submitted Deck: Winged Night's Watch).

Any other proposals or nice combos?
Put this on Robert Baratheon (TTotH). Lay out Satin (WLL) and Motley Crewman (IG). Kneel Robert over and over again to mil everyone's deck while only milling half of your deck.
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Feb 21 2012 05:57 PM
That only works if your opponent has no cards on shadows
How many decks run a lot of shadows?
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Feb 21 2012 07:13 PM
Only two or three of my six decks have shadows, and only one has a lot of shadows cards.
Yeah, exactly. Plus if you are building the deck around that combo, you are going to get the combo off on turn one. You can include things like Recruiter for the Watch (TWH) and Old Nan to give him the NW trait. Only dedicated shadows decks are going to hit a shadows on turn one with any consistency.
This is a real nasty combo you are describing - I like it ;)

But if you are not runnig a discard deck, what other options are there for an "ordinary" NW Deck to protect your "First Ranger"
... about the combo: A nice addition may be Corpse Lake (TBC) for some power (limited to 3 per round)
Builder of the Watch (ASitD) andSupport of Saltcliffe (GotC) are also a nice combo in this matter.

But now back to the ordinary question above I hope
Sorry - the attachment is for Ironborn characters only. (a pitty that I can't edit my postings)
You could always play this on Coldhands? He's can't be kill or discarded.
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Feb 22 2012 06:07 PM
To be honest, Robert Baratheon (TTotH)Shadows bob is a meta defining as Ghaston Grey and maester's path.

While not every deck I build has shadows, I do often ask myself if shadows cards would be neutral or positive addition to the deck.

If i can answer yes to either choice I almost always add shadows cards to my deck. Usually this runs between 5-9 cards.

I realize that Robert Robert Baratheon (TTotH) is good but his combo is shutdown with one card. For as much as it seems the national/international meta is obsessed with avoiding weak cards, I am surprised more people haven't turned to shadows to chase Robert away.

This however hasn't stopped me from making my own Shadows bob/Nights Watch Deck.
I don't think Shadows Bob is considered to be a major issue outside of the outrageous combos that he can create. The problem with stuff like the Satin combo is that it is extremely reliable for turn one so unless the deck you play is a Shadows deck then the chances of you having put a card in shadows on setup is pretty slim, and King's Law almost always fixes the shadows issues if you aren't playing against a dedicated shadows deck. His ability to constantly stand is only an issue for the environment because of the broken combos it enables.
Yeah the problem always comes back to trait manipulation. This is such a dumb idea, imo. Make things that work with kneeling something just say printed.
Feb 24 2012 02:29 AM
Problem with no trait manipulation is that its not thematic. It's "Nedly" but not Jaime.

As to combos not affecting the meta as much as other cards is kinda silly. Combos while fragile are arguably more game changing than singular cards
A nice combo may also be with Greatjon Umber (WLL) in MP games

You could always play this on Coldhands? He's can't be kill or discarded.