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No Quarter

No Quarter

No Quarter

Type: Event House: Stark
Game Text:

House Stark.
Response: After you win a Military challenge in which you control at least 1 participating unique character, choose and kill 1 character controlled by the losing opponent. (Limit 1 per challenge.)
Number: 82 Set: TBC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Anna Christenson
Recent Decks: Noble
Stark Siege - Negotiations
Stark Noble Conquest Martell
Stark Winter Shadows
Stark Aggro


Martell got finally repeatable icon removal and Stark got finally targeted kill. No more needs to splash war crest characters in Stark build to use Die by the Sword (LoW). Now thay have native solution and threat for all other houses. Staple in almost each Stark build which supports their main theme kill.
Nov 09 2011 11:18 PM
I agree (about this card at least ;) ) Stark needed some kill that didn't have so many conditions on it. This seems like it will at least keep The Siege of Winterfell (LoW) decks competitive.
Nov 18 2011 03:06 AM
This is a must-add to the card pool, following all the unique character buffs in this expansion. Strongly considering an all (or nearly all) unique characters stark deck heavy on the Lord trait now :)
Do people think this is better than Guilty! (Core) or Routing the Charge (LoW)? I've recently been playing quite a few games with (or against!) decks with these two cards in them, and they sure do seem pretty effective (managed to slay a LotR Cersei w/gilded plate using RtC after a surprise Intrigue challenge win and it was pretty sweet!). Anyway, I think No Quarter is cool, too - I'm looking forward to trying it out. They all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. I like "Guilty" in Melee where there are more targets and more access to influence (Hand Title) + immune to Paper Shield, and I like RtC because it's all 3 challenges (defense only, of course) and "cannot be saved".
Well I generally like Guilty better, especially in a melee game since you don't have to target a specific player. Routing the Charge is probably the best (since its can not be saved), but the most restrictive in terms of decks because it can only go into a defense deck. I think a better comparison is Die by the Sword (LoW). Depending on your deck, you'll be running one or another. The deck that can utilize both though is probably going to be an awesome deck.
I hear ya. Just having played a lot of melee (exclusively) recently, RtC has seen a lot of use when it comes to redirected challenges: The Stark player uses the "support" relationship, or the Kingsguard Title or talks the Regent into redirecting the challenge to make it come his way (when possible), etc and BAM!, Stark wins the challenge as the Defender, pissing off the original attacker, and maybe getting power for opposing titles, renown, etc AND whipping out the old RtC! So even in a non-"defense" deck it can be way cool...

But really I think my original response was just towards some of the original posts, which seemed to me to suggest that Stark didn't already have good (or enough) "kill" options. I think they did already and, while I do like this new card and always like new options, I don't think it's THAT much better than the others.
Yeah I agree. Its not THAT much better, but I do think it probably is better. Honestly if I'm building a deck, this and either Guilty or Die by the Sword are both going in. You can never have enough kill. lol
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Great card, can I play it immediately after a By the Sword response when I win a single Miitary Challenge with a unique war crest character?
Or can I play two No quarter in a row?
Aug 24 2012 02:49 PM
There is a (Limit 1 per challenge) printed on the card, so you cannot play 2 No Quarter in a single challenge. However, yes you can play 1 of each (No Quarter & Die By the Sword) in a challenge.

I have a followup question: What happens if your first No Quarter is cancelled. Does the Limit 1 per Phase only affect you if the event was successful, or does this stop you from being able to play a second one?

Hello, I was wondering the exact same thing that slothgodfather asked 3 years ago :D 


"What happens if your first No Quarter is cancelled. Does the Limit 1 per Phase only affect you if the event was successful, or does this stop you from being able to play a second one?"


Thank you very much!

Cancelling the event only cancels the effect, not the actual playing of the card. So if it is cancelled, you cannot play another one during the same challenge.