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Much and More

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Much and More

Much and More

Type: Event House: Neutral
Game Text:

Any Phase: Reveal the top 4 cards of each player's deck. Choose 1 revealed card owned by each player, and add it to its owner's hand. Shuffle all other cards back into their owners' decks.
Number: 78 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Alexandre Dainche
Recent Decks: Baratheon KOTHH
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lanni - kothh
martell bloodthirst 3rd place batalla por el mure top 4 octgn tourney
1st Place Newington CT SC Martell Conquest Bara


After getting the playmat with this card art on, I wondered what it would do and when it would be released!
The card sounds like it has potential, but I just don't like the idea of giving my opponent(s) a card for free, whilst I stay at the same. Granted, denying them a really good card or two that they were going to draw would be useful, but they still get something. Plus because they shuffle, they will see them again at some point.
Assuming someone finds room for it in a deck, I only really this either in a melee deck, with lots of table talk to bribe or deny people cards.
(I was going to say in a Stark also running The Weasel's Way (TIoR), but it only works against cards that are searched.)
I think I like this card. I KNOW I like this card in Intrigue decks.
Little off topic, but where can one buy AGoT playmats?

On topic. This would be a funny event to play after Valar. Forcing your opponents to possibly put a dead unique character in their hand and put their possible comebacks further in their decks.
one thing...you get a card as well...and you choose yours, while they don't...playing this after a herald or another search card they'd use, has potential.
You don't actually get a card, you just swap a card, while you opponent gets one more card total then before - that's the issue. It's all about card advantage :)
In the right deck this card can be maybe a 4, in most of decks it is a 0. I'm planning to build a deck with Confession (KotS), Dragonstone Watchtower (MotA), Dragonstone Port (Core) and a lot of plot manipulation. I don't expect it to be really strong, but I hope it will be really fun to play. This card could fit in there... I'm gonna give it a try ;) Also works nicely with Rule by Decree (Core) or in clansmen deck with Ill-Begotten Spoils (ASoSilence) etc.
Hm. Round 1 Rule by Decree was actually an interesting interaction :)

I'm not so sure it will fit along with the other cards that well though, it only makes the drawback a bit less, but it still doesn't do that much for you (like adding an actually playable card would). But please, try it out though and let me know when you know more :D
Just played someone who played this first turn, then a second one, then (due to having Bran Stark on the table) pre-plotted into Counting Favours, and then and only then did he play Rule by Decree for the first plot. So I dropped 8 cards off the first Rule by Decree. In the right circumstances this card is deadly!
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Yeah, that is pretty funny. :P
Nov 19 2012 09:12 PM

You don't actually get a card, you just swap a card, while you opponent gets one more card total then before - that's the issue. It's all about card advantage :)

Quick question, I've always thought that each player would end up with an extra card, including the player who played Much and More. Have I been playing this wrong?
I'm sorry if I got you confused. No, you're doing it right - each player gains a card. It's just that from a purely mathematical point view you're losing the card that you're actually playing; Much and More. Resulting in a total card advantage for you -1 +1 = 0, while your opponent gains +1 = +1 :)
Nov 19 2012 09:41 PM
You & your opponent have 7 cards in hand. 1 in your hand is M&M. You play M&M. (-1) You give yourself and your opponent a card (+1). You break even at 7 and they have 8.
Nov 19 2012 10:02 PM
Sorry, that makes sense. I wasn't thinking about the big picture.
Nov 20 2012 04:49 AM
The quality of the card gained is what, hopefully, makes up for the difference.
I was using it last night during Plot phase to skate under the threshold for Kings of Winter (TWoW).
Can i use pre-plot Much and More (AHM) at the beginning of the game after me and my opponents choose the plots but first than we revealed it? I mean just the first turn after setup.

I'm a bit confused about that and as new player i want to know the truth!! :)
You can use it before plots are chosen, but there's no player action window between the choosing of plots and the revealing of them, so you can't do it then. The only exception would be if Dragonstone Port (Core) was in play, since that card specifically states otherwise.
Uhm ok. So may i do it before plot are chosen and after we made setup?
Yeah, that's completely fine. The first turn is no different from any other turn in that regard. The set-up happens, then you draw back up, then the plot phase begins. You have a player action window (which is the first opportunity to play Much and More), then plots are chosen, then (unless you have Dragonstone Port out as mentioned above) you reveal them without another player action window in between. Then you completely resolve all plots, and then the next player action window happens, which is the second opportunity to play Much and More. Then the plot phase ends and you move onto the Draw phase.

Hope that's clear, if not let me know and I'll reword it!
yea kinda clear! Thx for comments! :)
No worries, happy to help! :)

Little off topic, but where can one buy AGoT playmats?

Lol i noticed this part of the question went unanswered. Does anyone know where to get them? I have looked everywhere and nothing.
Great card in Lannister clan decks...

Much and More (AHM) +
Breaking and Entering (LotR) +
The Power Behind the Throne (LotR) +
Chella, Daughter of Cheyk (Core)
Jan 12 2013 05:29 AM
What does Chella have to do with B&E or PBtT?