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Rhymes with Meek

Rhymes with Meek

Rhymes with Meek

Type: Event House: Neutral
Game Text:

Response: Kneel 1 influence to save a unique [Stark] or [Greyjoy] character from being killed. Then, attach Rhymes with Meek to the saved character (counts as a Condition attachment with the text 'Attached character cannot have its STR raised or lowered by card effects.')
Number: 103 Set: ARotD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Lukasz Jaskolski
Recent Decks: Noble
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Bolton Targeted Murder
Stark - TLV - Bran with Direwolfs


Finally a second save vs burn card, thank you FFG! Too bad it's still for only two houses though.
Do those houses have much, if any influence in their decks?
Their chamber perhaps, but otherwise?
Restricting it to two specific houses, and then unique characters from those houses, makes me wonder if this card will get much, if any play?
I think it will. Save from burn is rare enough as it is and whilst the cost is a little annoying, its not totally unbearable.

I will certainly test it.
I'd be quite willing to try running some fiefdoms for the chance to save from burn. Would it be worth it? Maybe not, but it's worth trying out. There's also the free cities, which can be decent even if you're not running any OOH cards. Norvos + Newly Made Lord + Kingsmoot Hopeful + etc out of Greyjoy, for instance.
So, just to clarify what seems obvious: this card WILL save you from, say, a Burn death, like poisoned wine?

It'll save you and then your strength doesn't immediately get reduced again?
Given the precedent provided by Risen From the Sea, yes, I would certainly think that this can save you from flame-kissed or whatever.
But risen from the sea added some STR... this one doesn't.
It grants the character an ability: it "cannot have its strength raised or lowered by card effects." So once you save and put this on a character, any strength reducing effects no longer apply.
My understanding is not that risen from the sea saves from burn specifically because it adds str, but rather because it is able to remove the character from the terminal condition, with the str addition being the means by which it accomplishes that. This card's effect also quite clearly qualifies as removing a terminal condition.
tibs: see, my understanding of Risen vs Burn death was this:

In Burn Death, you CAN save the character, but then he just dies again cause his strength is still zero. Risen saves and then adds strength so that he can stay alive, albeit (for that time) probably just at 1.

Rhymes With Meek seems to have a SIMILAR but differing situation: it saves and then it makes the character's strength un-lowerable, and so in THAT way preventing Burn Death.

That is what i THINK, but I am waiting for someone wiser than me to confirm or deny this.
Well, you can't actually even attempt to save a dead character unless that very save effect would also remove the terminal effect (having STR 0 for most burn effects).

But yes, I would also believe that this card can be used to save characters from being burned. Actually, I believe that's the idea of the card :) Requiring you to have 1 influence available makes the choice between this card and Risen from the Sea tough though if one want save vs burn (for GJ).
The interesting (and compelling) thing for me on this is that it's available to Stark. This is the first non-Greyjoy save from terminal effect card that I know of. It's a hard include due to the bevy of events Stark has to choose from... but if Burn is kicking your tail, this may be worth the Influence add.
Indeed. I rarely see Stark play influence heavy decks, but at 1 cost having the seas and the fiefdoms in the deck should be enough to cover it.