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Sacrificed to Two Gods

Sacrificed to Two Gods

Sacrificed to Two Gods

Type: Event House: Greyjoy
Game Text:

House Greyjoy only.
Response: After a challenge resolves in which a character did not count its STR because of intimidate, kill that character.
Response: Save a [Holy] character from being killed. Then, that character claims 1 power.
Number: 109 Set: ARotD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Chase Toole
Recent Decks: Greyjoy Raiders
Kingdom Come
The Holy Old Way
grejoy holy
Drowned God


Another event that can be used in two ways, which I love the idea of.

I can see this combining with Thuggish Tactics (ACoS), so unexpected Intimidate and death occur!!

Not sure if Greyjoy need more save effects, especially if it is restricted on who it can be used on.
Oh my! We like this card a great deal.
Prediction: This card will be worth another look down the road if we get a Challenge Enhancement character with Intimidate in the first few chapter packs of SotS. Or more Holy crest, enough to fill out the offensive line in a deck, which we really don't quite have yet.
Say you were to use the combo of Intimidate (Thuggish Tactics (ACoS), or otherwise) and Sacrificed to Two Gods (ARotD). According to the definition of Intimidate in the Core Rulebook:

While a character with the “Intimidate” keyword is attacking, characters with a lower STR than that character do not count their STR for that challenge.

With that in mind, if Intimidate effected multiple characters would all of those characters be killed when you played Sacrificed to Two Gods (ARotD)?

Granted, the wording does seem to imply a single character, but I can't help but dream.
The response is for challenge resolving not for intimidate so you can only trigger it once since there is only one challenge resolving.
Ah, true, completely missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.
So it will only kill one character or all characters? And characters that are eligible to be killed must be declared as part of the challenge? I was under the impression that characters were not eligible to be declared as defenders during challenges in which a character with a higher strength and intimidate is attacking? Thus making this card useless. Please tell me I am wrong and that it means that you can kill a character who did not count their strength because they were ineligible.
No. Actually, when a character with intimidate is attacking, all characters that would be eligible as defenders (if there were no intimidate) still are, but the strength of those with lower strength than the character with intimidate doesn't count.

This means, usually the other player will not declare those characters as defenders. So this only truly works if somehow you manage to bypass a character's strength with intimidate after it's been declared as a defender. This would probably mean something like Thuggish Tactics, as mentioned above, or pumping the strength of a character with intimidate, or if you manage to introduce a naval character with intimidate (which would also be a bit predictable).

I think, at least so far, the opportunities for the first use of this card are a bit restricted. Maybe someone differs. I'd love to hear a different opinion on it.
also good to always remember that your intimidate character can intimidate your own characters in the same challenge. so not smart thing to drag lower str chars in a challenge where you have high str intimidate (unless you have renown or something other where you don't need the combined strength).
So if you use something like Before the Black Walls (VD) and they choose to oppose you. Then you pump everyone up via some locations or something, you can then kill all characters with a lower strength?