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The Red Queen's Faithful

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The Red Queen's Faithful

Unique The Red Queen's Faithful

Type: Character House: Baratheon
Cost: 7 Strength: 7 Icons: Military,Intrigue
Game Text:
Asshai. Army.
No attachments. Lower the cost to play The Red Queen's Faithful by 1 for each unique [Baratheon] character you control.
Response: After you win a challenge in which The Red Queen's Faithful participated, choose a player. Move up to 3 power from his or her House card to a character he or she controls.
Crest: Holy
Number: 46 Set: CD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Melissa Findley
Recent Decks: Baratheon KOTHH
Baratheon Recurssion Melee
Bara Core/Expansions/TBWB
Pray for THE Noble Cause
First Baratheon Deck


I am not affiliated with the business in any way, but our local store sells singles of the neutral cards online: www.teamcovenant.com/store. I think they have Seductive Promise on there...and the Core plots!
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holy crap scary assai card with army for new city plot. that combo with seductive promise is insane, and the worst thing is its not difficult to pull off at all...

the saving grace is this beast not having a Power icon. Can't move three power and steal it through SP in one move.

the saving grace is this beast not having a Power icon. Can't move three power and steal it through SP in one move.

you know what i didnt even realize this until yesterday when i actually started to build a deck. orz...

Jul 28 2012 05:49 AM
It is not much of a saving grace though. Its not like Bara was hurting against power challenges.
I know, right?
Can you actually move the three power to a moribund character from Mil?...isn't the claim part of the winning therefore would be in the dead pile prior to the response happening...had this happen in a game last night...
Aug 10 2012 01:44 PM
The character doesn't physically leave play until the end of the framework window, so after you claim a character for MIL claim, they become Moribund:dead but don't actually leave yet. Cards in moribund status can still interact as normal provided it is with passives/responses and that it doesn't attempt to "leave play again". So yes, it is perfectly legal to move power from your house to a character you just claimed for MIL claim.
Jul 15 2014 07:34 PM

I agree with both Darskbane and Staton plus you could include in your decks Melisandre's Favour and take control of the character with the powers and win the game...