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Dragonbone Dagger

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Dragonbone Dagger

Dragonbone Dagger

Type: Attachment House: Lannister
Game Text:
Attached character gets +1 STR and gains deadly.
Any Phase: Pay 1 gold to return Dragonbone Dagger from your discard pile to your hand.
Number: 86 Set: THoBaW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Sara Biddle
Recent Decks: PBtT Rush
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lannister kingsguard


Sep 26 2012 09:23 PM
like your power behind the throne deck needs more deadly
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I like this far too much...cheap, solid, and a pittance to have it out over, and over, and over again.
This card is very impressive. Getting Deadly is never bad, and the extra Strength will never be turned away. Being able to get it out of the discard pile works even better.
Combine with Golden Tooth Vaults (AKitN), so discard it when you don't intend to use it for the gold, and then get it back when you do.
The only thing missing is the "infinity" symbol.
Not mechanically significant, but hey, it would've been a nice touch.
Ye, should really have that infinity icon. It might end up having too, this looks like a photoshop translated version.

But I love it. Finally more playable attachments :D
More deadly is always good. Good card and the ability to buy it back from the discard is invaluable.
wonderful in clan deck!!! :wub: