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Type: Attachment House: Lannister
Game Text:
Attach to a character with printed cost 2 or lower.
Take control of attached character.
Number: 87 Set: THoBaW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Regis Moulun
Recent Decks: Lanni Kneel
Martell Alliance Lannister
Behind the GoT
The Last Creation (Not Strategy)
Lanni Hyper Kneel


If this attachment is discarded through a card effect after it was successfully played, does control of the character revert back to the character card's owner? It doesn't seem to say it would...(!)
It does, that's the general ruling. Same goes to Ward (VM). Dubious Loyalties (IG) is a different case though, but you can find out more reading comments there.
"A Better Offer" is back. Neat.

Oh, "Threads of Disloyalty" is back. Neat ;D

I seriously like this card. Would have thought an effect like this would be non-uniques only, but no. Really solid. You are limited to "playing" a character you opponent controls, but it also wastes their investment into it. All available attachment hate balances it out though.
And how does it work with shadow cards? Can i take control of a card with printed cost S1 or only S0?
Jan 23 2013 03:47 PM
Only S0. S = 2 gold.
Thank you Shadowcat ;)
What occurs if the character with a printed strength of "2" has an attachment that increases the printed strength by "x". Do you take control of the attachment as well? If so, does the strength still count as what is printed on the character card excluding any attachment(s)?
Enslaved attaches to a character with printed cost, not strength.

When you take control of something, you only take control of that thing. Anything attached to it, or what it is attached to, is not affected.
Hmm, When you take control of a character who has an attachment the attachment goes with the character, however your opponent still controls the attachment so you cant then use any triggered effects on it etc, however if the attachment increases the characters str via a passive effect then it still counts towards the new strength of the character stolen.
Duplicates are also a special case mentioned in the FAQ, when control of a character changes the control of duplicates change as well.

Keep in mind though that if the attachment states that it must attach to a character you control, and your opponent takes control of that character, the attachment(s) will be discarded.

What happeneds when I take control of a unique character? Can my opponent play another copy of it as if it's not in play? What if my copy dies, does his still stay in play?

He can't, as per the FAQ:

(3.29) Unique Cards and Changing Control

You may not play, put into play, or take control of a unique card already in play that you own or control (except for putting a duplicate on a card that you own and control), or that is in your dead pile.



So whilst you control his character, he is the owner. It also means if you take control of his unique, you can't play or put into play your own version.

And how does it work with shadow cards? Can i take control of a card with printed cost S1 or only S0?


Only S0. S = 2 gold.

I think cost to play card into shadows is not printed,so if printed cost on shadow card =2 you can attach enslaved.

Rules for Shadow Mechanic (FAQ p. 32): "If the value of a (Shadow) card’s 'printed cost' must be determined (because of another card effect), the value is determined by adding the cost of playing the card into Shadows (two gold) to the cost of bringing the card out of Shadows (as shown on the card)."


So the cost to play a card into shadows (the "s" part of the cost) is "printed" and the "printed cost" of an "s2" Shadow card would be 2 + 2 = 4. That means Enslaved could not be attached to it. 

Got it.That's for why letter "S" before the cost)))