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Type: Attachment House: Baratheon Targaryen
Game Text:
Attached character gains renown.
Attached character gets -1 STR for each gold token on it and is discarded if its STR is 0.
When attached character claims 1 or more power, put 1 gold token from the treasury on that character.
Number: 97 Set: tHoBaW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Daniel Clarke
Recent Decks: Binary
Only Maesterly Dead (1st Place, Stockton Store Championship 2014)
targ - HoD chambers
Targ Maester Burn


Might work OK with Grey Worm (QoD), not sure about the math though as for every -1 STR to GreyScale gives it essentially gives -2 STR to an opposing char or +1 STR to one of my characters (in challenges), but unless Grey Worm bumps up his strength then he can never have more than 2 gold tokens.

Unless I get a Flaming Sword (DB) equipped - then no need to worry about STR reduction.
If this gets on The Red Viper (APS) things could get very interesting.

not sure about the math though as for every -1 STR to GreyScale gives it essentially gives -2 STR to an opposing char or +1 STR to one of my characters (in challenges)

I think you got kind of mixed up here. Grey Worm's ability requires discarding gold tokens, so you can either pump one of your characters for +2 or give your opponents char -2 and either way Grey Worm will gain +1 (-(-1)) as a side effect. So you could say, that every trigger nets you +3 STR, not counting the "side-cost" of having your STR lowered before triggering Grey Worm.

Good idea with the Flaming Sword though, then you could also give him Shade of the Evening (QoD) or Tears of Lys (AToT) and make him stand (or not kneel with The Prince That Was Promised (IG)). I don't like attachment-heavy decks, but if there's a house for such deck, then it's definitely House Targaryen.
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How interesting....time to start teching for conditions again?
Stalwart Shield (ASitD) + noble characters = free renown with this one.
@Vincu - Combine that with Rich Lands and a Keep (LotR) to make them a Noble, and draw a card when playing it as an added bonus.
I don't see this card as a gold generator for tricky effects, I see it as an awesome pressure move to lock down troublesome characters. Plus terminal effect for Baratheon!
Just throw in Salla's Escort Ship (KotStorm) and/or Hunting Spear (BoRF).
Or Lyanna Stark (ODG), Lead Link (CbtC) and some maesters.

Don't forget Ser Davos Seaworth (TBoBB) to recycle it ;D

Or use it on your own guys (Possibly in the middle of the challenge with Pale Steel Link (FtC), To close the game!
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Is it too obvious to point out that this makes just about any Burn into a terminal effect?
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Can I play it on opponent's character which already has renown keyword?
Oct 02 2012 03:15 PM
playing this on
Robert Baratheon (Core) or Knight of Flowers (TftH) from a targ deck basically takes them out the game, making them willing to kill said characters, then with Crown of Meereen (QoD) flipping it onto anyone who causes you trouble is a bonus.... plus the good old Lady Daenerys's Chambers (Core) to bring it back constantly. people think attachments are a bit weak in the current meta.... not if you run loads of them, i rn a targ deck that is 30% attachments and true some of them get removed through attachment hate effects but you cannot block them all

i dont like how bara's can use it though, seems against the flow of the game to give a bara player a burn effect
Oct 15 2012 09:38 PM
Bara having it is due to the storyline.
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Well, Baratheon did start off with
Stinking Drunk (Core),Shadow's Blessing (Core), and
Hunting Spear (BoRF).
Apparently in the old ccg, Baratheon got cool burn first, then targ got better versions of the theme. And Baratheon got cool initiative boost stuff, but then Greyjoy got that "theme".

It's just one terminal effect anyways. :P Unless you add in Threat from the North (PotS). (Even then that's only 2 that you can combo with.)

As for actual impact on the game, I don't think it'll make a huge difference. Every house has access to some sort of "control". Black cells, Condemned, Greyscale, Poison coin, they all prevent you from doing things you normally want to do.
what if a strength 3 character gets 2 gold tokens from greyscale, and then the greyscale got transferred by crown of mereen? will the character still suffer the - 2 str penalty?
No, gold tokens don't inherently lower strength, they only do that if a card (i.e. Greyscale) says as much. So they have 2 gold tokens on them still but no strength penalty.
Feb 07 2013 02:23 PM
Pentos (EB) makes for a great pair with Greyscale, because even though greyscale is creating a terminal effect, you are saving them and removing the terminal effect at the same time so it is allowed. Further join this with Lady Daenerys's Chambers (Core) and it can get real interesting.
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Pentos can't save by discarding Greyscale because of moribund timing unfortunately: http://www.fantasyfl...=4&efidt=581154
Feb 07 2013 04:50 PM
Ouch. I wasn't thinking about the discard having a moribund status, but it makes complete sense (in the way only AGoT rules can) so there goes one of the tricks from a meta-mate's melee deck.
Anyway, combined with Pentos and Girff or Lady Daenerys chambers, it is a cheap way to get power on your characters and prevent them from being killed.
You play it, win a challenge and discard it to save from claim or from Valar next round.
Would it be a waste of resources to use with Tywin from core set due to out of house costs? Lannister should have plenty of cards to keep Tywin spending gold yea? With Gutter Rats Cunning on him as well could be sweet, would want to keep Tywin on the board the whole game though prob. Been playing for three days now so don't know much outside of core, don't know much period actually lol.

Edit: Just found a card named Lionstar that would go well with this idea also.
Edit#2: Devious intentions?
Jun 20 2014 12:50 PM
I keep thinking of doing something with this and Knights of the Sun (ASoS) for a Targ or Martell rush deck. Maybe even Conquest?

Will have to think about this some more!