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Unique Noyne

Type: Location House: Martell
Game Text:
The East.
Each opponent plays with the top card of his or her deck revealed.
Flavor Text: "This is the Ny Sar, where the Mother gathers in her Wild Daughter, Noyne." - Yandry
Number: 92 Set: THoBaW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Stu Barnes
Recent Decks: Martell Summer Dayne
Quest To The East
Martell Melee Maester Rush (1st Place, Hockley Melee Regional)
First Martell Deck
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Super setup card with the power of information.. :ph34r:
A noob question about drawing cards: Will I see only the top card, or both of them?
The way I see it its both of them. Since cards are drawn 1 by 1. In other words this is a "your oppoent reaveals each card he draws... for 0 gold... why is martell ALWAYS more efficient than every other house?
Oct 20 2012 06:34 AM
There is potential with Jojen Reed (LoW) and this card. Still thinking of how it might work, but it could be a great side engine.