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Before the Black Walls

Before the Black Walls

Before the Black Walls

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:4 Initiative: 2 Claim: 1
Game Text:
When revealed, name a challenge type. In order to declare any characters to attack or defend during challenges of that type, a player must declare all of his or her eligible characters. Then, if this is your revealed plot card, trigger the "when revealed" effect of the top River plot card in your used pile.
Number: 40 Set: VD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Dennis Chan
Recent Decks: Dothraki Zerg
Maiden's Bane Dreams
Stark KotHH River Control
Rivers of Blood
Martell Summer Dayne


I'm liking these river plots more and more!
If an opponent flips Frey Hospitality (LotR), Shadows and Spiders (LotR) or Lineage and Legacy (KotStorm) then you can really force the flow of the turn!
I like the idea of forcing an opponent to over-commit, or to mess with decks that can do multiples of the same challenge. Stark and Baratheon decks often have characters with both Military and Power icons, and will want to cover both challenges. So making it where if they attack or defend one of those challenges, most if not all of their board will have to get involved.
I'm slightly confused. Do players declare characters when this is revealed or when they attack or defend?
Jun 17 2012 07:54 PM
When you reveale this card, you get to pick a challenge type. For example, lets say you choose MIL and that your opponent is first player. Later on during challanges, lets say they declare a MIL challenge against you. They must declare every available character to the challenge. Then, if you decide to defend this challange, you must also declare every available character to defend it.
Jun 18 2012 08:33 AM
I see some interesting possibilities with this plot and Burning on the Sand (RotO).
Jun 18 2012 02:43 PM
Actually I see Northern Cave (TWoW) working great or Dragon Sight (ASoS) being able to really mess with your opponents board.
I'm trying to see why you would use Dragon Sight? As they know you will be attacking with everything that is eligible, they can work out who is going in, and decide to defend with everyone or not. Is there something I'm missing?
Jun 18 2012 05:13 PM
Hmm.. I suppose you would need some other effects to make that work out since you have to commit to it also. Guess I should have stoped at Northern Caves.
Being a river plot you can activate it 3 straight plot phases. Somehow try to utilize
Young Griff (VD) and an epic event like
War of Five Kings (RoW)
Toll Gate (AE) would be viable with this as well. You could use it to remove opponents characters from the challenge if you had to also.
Jun 18 2012 10:40 PM
I think this plots actually better if you go second.
I am curious to how this would work with Desolate Passage (TRS) if both were revealed at the same time.
Only one character would be eligible. So by declaring one character you are declaring all eligible characters.
I think the answer is pretty simple, this card says "a player must declare all of his or her eligible characters" ; so if Desolate Passage is the other plot in the same round it makes you choose only 1 character for attack/defense so you would still have to attack or defend with just 1 character since it is the only eligible one. So basically, the bottom line is that this river plot would be like a blank plot except for the second part that lets you trigger the river chain.

edit: I was too slow writing this and Staton much faster :P
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Pretty cool with "lashing out","lethal counterattack")))
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Or other events like this

Hi everyone.  Quick question about this card.  Used it last night in melee at the same time as someone else used Forgotten Plans.  We were trying to figure out what happens with this one since you declare the challenge type immediately, but nothing happens till the challenge phase.  Does Forgotten Plans negate the effect even though I've already named Intrigue Challenges to be affected? 

The challenge is named during the plot phase, but the restriction is a constant effect. So blanking the text means there is no effect in the challenge phase.


If it said something like, "Until the end of the phase, a player must declare all of his or her eligible characters in order to declare any characters to attack or defend during challenges of that type," it would instead be a lasting effect that did not depend on the continued presence of the plot text.

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Thank you! That is how we played it, but wanted to be sure! 

(v3.3) Before the Black Walls F40
"When revealed, name a challenge type.
In order to declare any characters to attack
or defend during challenges of that type, a
player must declare all of his or her eligible
characters." is all considered part of the "When
revealed" effect and is active while the plot is
revealed or when the "When revealed" effect
has been triggered by another River plot card.

Forgotten Plans will not negate this efect.