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Victarion Greyjoy

Victarion Greyjoy

Unique Victarion Greyjoy

Type: Character House: Greyjoy
Cost: 4 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Lord. Ironborn.
Victarion Greyjoy gets +1 STR for each knelt warship location you control.
Flavor Text: Victarion Greyjoy turned back toward the prow, his gaze sweeping across his fleet. Longships filled the sea.
Crest: Holy
Number: 28 Set: VD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Lukasz Jaskolski
Recent Decks: Maiden's Bane Dreams
The Holy Old Way
Drowned God
Warship War without characters
Victarion's Fleet


Jun 16 2012 04:17 PM
meh, was hoping for a stronger Victarion
Well I am pretty happy about it. KotS Victarion is already good enough, and this guy will be way cool for my GJ "Holy" decks! Was not expecting to see a holy-crested Vic.
holy version makes this a bit better than it seems. most of the time he will be 4/4 but can easlily go up to 5 str. with renown, 2 turns of Power of Faith with this guy can be pretty scary, especially if you give him an intrigue icon with court advisor.

if your opponent goes first during a Power of Faith turn, you can let him die for military claim, and save him with the new Moqorro. hell get +2 str and intimidate for that turn, buffing him to very high str (+5-7 most likely) almost gauranteeing 3 straight unnopposed attacks. With the new Aeron Damphair charagenda you will even draw 2 of saving him this way.

Scouting Vessal makes this even more practical.
He can be an absolute monster.
Jun 26 2012 02:47 PM
you know what Bomb, i think you may be right, considering hes one of my favorite characters in the series i was hoping for some targeted kill but his knelt warship ability plus banner of the kraken for intimidate and the holy crest with power of faith and your right, he has the potential for greatness