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Young Griff

Young Griff

Unique Young Griff

Type: Character House: Targaryen
Cost: 1 Strength: 3 Icons: Military,Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
House Targaryen only. Stealth.
Response: After Young Griff comes out of Shadows, stand any number of characters you control. Then, you may immediately bring another card out of Shadows by paying the rest of its gold cost.
Crest: Shadow
Number: 33 Set: VD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Winona Nelson
Recent Decks: Dothraki Zerg
Targ Dragon burn 1.3
Shadows and Ambush
Targaryen KotHH Ambush Burn - Please Comment! v2


Apr 03 2012 06:26 AM
Wow.... + new Magister Illyrio???
Ye pretty solid for a gold cost of 3. Works well with decks that run Shadow Seer. But is he really THAT good that's he's auto-include in any deck?

And can't see any good use for his special ability right away. Please fill me in. Maybe in a maester deck with lots of kneel ebilities? Good in a Castellan of the Rock heavy meta :P
I think it's a good way to take advantage of plots like Drunken Allegations (Core) or Into the Lists (TftH).
Also a good way to fight back lannisters and their kneeling abilities.
Combined with Magister Illyrio (VM), it's a great complement for burn decks.
If you decided to include Lyanna Stark (ODG), you will have some fun with him.
And, if I'm not wrong, you can bring him back to play with To Be a Dragon (SB).
Yup. That's some interesting synergies :)

Don't really see how he is very much fun with Lyanna? More then he has the Lord trait if she is killed.
IMHO just being 3 for 3 tricon with stealth and no drawbacks makes him auto-include - trait, ability, shadow crest etc are icing on the cake.
I agree the 3/3/3 is what makes him awesome. Other than Dominance or specific kneel choices as mentioned by Enrico, then his standing ability doesn't really do a lot... but, being able to bring a second card out of Shadows right away could be an even cooler ability.
I see him as a way to make sure you have standing characters ready for an Epic phase.
Do you have to stand a character to bring out another card from shadows? Or does 'any number' include zero thereby letting the 'then' effect happen?
Jul 25 2012 09:46 AM
Last I saw on the FFG boards was you had to successfully stand at least one to get the then. But things could have changed.
yes you must stand at least 1 character otherwise the game status has not changed; the game status must change in order to consider an effect to be resolved. If it said "stand any number if able" then yes it would work if you had 0 characters kneeling.
Since people were talking about synergies before, I thought I'd add a couple more.

At the Point of a Blade (TRS), Fights No Sword Can Win (TRS) and The Raven's Message (TRS) all provide the same basic synergy, making those cards a lot more versatile (plot-trait requirement aside, obviously).

Balerion the Black (RotO) suddenly becomes even more dangerous, as you can stand all your characters after his ability.
Relentless Persecution (DB) loses its downside.

Essentially, people look at the ability as a cherry on top (which it is) and a good protection against kneel. But I think it can also be used to provide Targaryen with a kneel element, if needed. Not only an awesome card all-round, but also highly versatile.
My main use of the ability has been to kneel my Advisor to the Crown (which I in most cases fetch round 1 with At the Gates) during marshalling to ambush Flame-Kissed/Dragon Knight/Dragon Thief etc, and then do it again after he's been stood by the ability. Generates some really nice economy for me, being able to put cards of a total worth of 4 gold through ambush, while using my 3 gold from the plot to get out the STR 3 stealth character that Young Griff is. That's 10 gold of worth put onto the table at round 1 (excluding setup).