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Harried by Dragons

Harried by Dragons

Harried by Dragons

Type: Attachment House: Targaryen
Game Text:

House Targaryen only. Ambush.
Attached character gets -1 STR.
Response: After Harried by Dragons is played from your hand, search your deck for a card named Harried by Dragons and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
Number: 14 Set: VM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator:
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burn practice V1.0
Griff Re-burn


May 10 2012 05:20 PM
Targ burn is getting a little too strong for my liking with this chapter pack
Yeah I agree. I remember when Targ Burn was just ridiculously overpowered in Ice and Fire. We really aren't too far away from that now.
May 10 2012 06:26 PM
tbh i find it more Npe than greyjoy choke and even the maester nonsense (which i remember you hated as much as me)
Yeah, Burn makes your characters just absolutely worthless. Especially since almost all the new burn doesn't even worry about attachments. Have a Stannis with Lightbringer and a Dupe? too bad. He's getting burned. It's also all so repeatable that you just can't keep characters on the table. It feels so useless just throwing gold away and then having all those characters burned before you can do anything.
This card is not that great. Doesn't kill by itself and doesn't trigger its ability if you ambush it.
Yeah but if you have won it essentially lets you pay two gold to get two cards from your deck. It's also not like Targ can't get attachments back. I think this card is going to be pretty useful. Not broken, but good.
There's a definite appeal to being able to grab another copy once you pay for one. If you're willing to pay two gold, you have two on the table and one in your hand for ambush. It really will depend on the deck. There are already great burn attachments + burn events... not sure how many decks this will find a place in.
Not broken, but a solid 5-star card. Hopping in as a surprise any phase? Reducing the deck size? Even fitting in the house-theme? Like a direct draw kill effect :rolleyes:
All these targ burn cards yet so many of us are unable to get a song of summer chapter pack, to make a fully working deck. Top card though.

This card is not that great. Doesn't kill by itself and doesn't trigger its ability if you ambush it.

so when you ambush you put the card into play form your hand why doesn't the response work
May 12 2012 10:48 PM

so when you ambush you put the card into play form your hand why doesn't the response work

This is because there is a distinct line between "put into play" and "played from your hand" when reading cards. Cards that are "played" are cards you pay the cost for. This does not include triggering abilities such as ambush that uses a different cost.

Since this card says "played from your hand" it will only trigger if you pay the gold. If you ambush, you are "putting it into play" and the response doesn't trigger.
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I hate to bring this up again, but am I missing something about this card not being able to use it's response by paying the ambush cost? Core set rules on p.21 under Ambush states: You may put a card with the "Ambush" keyword into play from your hand as an "Any Phase" action, by paying it's printed gold cost with influence.

So that sounds like you meet those criteria to be able to use the response.
The difference lies in that you "put into play" with Ambush, not "playing" it - even if you pay its cost, you never actually play it. And the response can only be triggered when you play the card.

It's a confusing mechanic - that's for certain. FAQ, section 4.4 should clear it up for you:

(4.4) "Play" and "Put into Play"
Character, Location, and Attachment cards are
“played” from the hand during the marshalling
phase, by taking a player action and paying
their gold cost.

Event cards are “played” by placing the card
on the table, paying the specified cost, and
triggering the effect.

"Put into play" effects are not considered to be
"played." Similarly, when a card is "put into
play," it does not trigger any "when played"
and vice versa. Both, however, would
trigger effects that occur when a card "comes
into play” or “enters play.”

"Put into Play" is a game mechanic that
bypasses all costs (including all gold penalties)
and play restrictions.

For example: Bran the Builder's Legacy
(CORE S159) lets you put into play a location
of printed cost 2 or lower. You would not need
to pay the gold cost to bring the new location
into play, and you could bring in a limited
location even if you had already played a
limited card that turn

So in a similar fashion, if you were to play Xaro Xoan Daxos (Core) by using Ambush from the Plains (QoD) he would not get to use his effect? But a card like Dragon Knight (TBC) would because his effect has the comes into play/ enters play wording?

Wow learn something new everyday with this game. Thanks.
Jul 19 2012 05:18 AM
Can i use Riders of The Red Fork with this?

Can i use Riders of The Red Fork with this?

I'd say, you can.