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Type: Attachment House: Baratheon
Game Text:
Attached character gains a Holy crest and the Asshai trait. If attached character has a printed Holy crest, it gets +1 STR and gains Vigilant.
Number: 28 Set: RoR
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Anna Mohrbacher
Recent Decks: Bara Core/Expansions/TBWB
Shadows Asshai
First Baratheon Deck
The Night is Deadly and Full of Terrors
Asshai Baratheon


So I built a GJ rush deck not long ago that combines Measters with Holy characters. This was a bit of a key card for the deck so unify the themes, using chains to but it into play for free to make a measter holy.

Anyway, the new FAQ pretty much demolished the deck and I'm not considering removing the Maester theme. Does anyone have any good ideas of how to utilize on the card without the chains to get it into play? There is always the alliance plot, but that's a bit meh :P All suggestions welcome.
Oct 29 2012 02:43 PM
What specifically did the FAQ do that changed your deck?
Oh, sorry, wasn't very clear. It ran Maester's Path, Conclave and Superior Claim for melee. The deck isn't dedicated melee deck, but I like to have it available for it when needed.
Oct 29 2012 10:45 PM
Greyjoy alliance Baratheon in a melee deck isn't bad at all. It has greyjoy's resilience and emphasis on unopposed saves with Baratheon's speed. Besides that it has access without out of house cost to all 3 renown & holy crest characters in the game.
Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about it for a moment too after seeing those decks. But I'm really not a fan of any of the treaty/alliance agendas for Melee :S I'd rather just run Myr + Building Season in that case... hmm. House of Dreams + Myr maybe :D

Edit: With Ser Axell Florent to combine Myr with Holy theme. Knights of the Storm to also utilize on Myr and to improve on my power swing on the turn that matters. I'll have to think bout this.

Sure... I can do the same with treaty/alliance... but I would really prefer to to give my opponents free draw/gold (or lower power limit to win...).

Featured on Game of Thrones Season six Episode five.