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Unique Needle

Type: Attachment House: Stark
Game Text:
Item. Weapon.
Prized 2.
Unique [Stark] character only.
While attached character is participating in a challenge, opponents cannot trigger effects.
Flavor Text: "All the best swords have names." –Jon Snow
Number: 34 Set: TCP
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Sara Biddle
Recent Decks: Noble
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Stark SoW


Prized 2 and a non-setup attachment seems like a lot to pay. Aware this effectively prevents saves, which is useful for those murderous Starks. Also stops messing around with challenge math, like warships and events and so on...

What else am I missing that makes this worth Prized 2?
Red Vengeance. :)
Ha! Very true, this card will counter a lot of Bloodthirst/Martell KotHH counters!

Still, its also an invitation to give the Martells 2 power once the Stark character gets discarded/killed by the reset!

I still think Prized 2 is really high cost for a card like this...
Brienne on a stick is pretty sweet... but why not just run another copy of Brienne?

Should have been called Oathkeeper, too.
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I don't like it being called Oathkeeper, since Brienne is the 1 unique Stark character you'd never want to give this to!

Soooo, has anyone been using this much?  I've got a new Stark NA deck I've been playing a lot and I decided I wanted to try this card out for fun, and wow I am really digging' it.  Granted, it's been casual stuff on OCTGN (no tourneys or leagues or anything), but still the results have been great.  


I agree that Prized 2 is steep, but using this with non-kneelers or re-standing characters (via Froz Outpost or To Be a Wolf) has really made a difference in winning challenges, getting my responses off, etc.  


I've been using this in addition to Brienne - it's nice to have that redundancy.  For one gold and two prized, Stark can just about do all that stuff we complain about that Martell and GJ do with their cancels/saves/etc.  The card seems worth it to me!  (Maybe not "Tier 1" but that's ok...)