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Unique Hodor

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 1 Strength: 4 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Deadly. No attachments.
Hodor cannot be declared as an attacker. Hodor cannot be bypassed with stealth.
Flavor Text: "Hodor!"
Number: 12 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: John Matson
Recent Decks: The Tully's of Dorne
Stark Noble Conquest Martell
Robb & Roose
Stark Black Sails
Stark Winter Shadows


Since he cannot be declared as an attacker, when his Deadly skill used?
You might need to reread how Deadly works since you are asking that question; basically it helps you not lose a deadly conflict as a defender; for example: if an opponent attacks you with 1 deadly char, you can defend with hodor without having to kill him from deadly
"most participating characters with the “Deadly”" - means in comparison with the opponent? one more thing, is deadly works in all kinds of challanges? thank u
read this thread: http://www.cardgamed...st-of-keywords/ if you still have questions about deadly ask them over there