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Unique Lightbringer

Type: Attachment House: Baratheon
Game Text:
Item. Weapon.
Vigilant. House Baratheon character only.
Response: Kneel Lightbringer to save attached character from being killed.
Number: 68 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: John Matson
Recent Decks: Baratheon KOTR First Try
Baratheon 2x Core
Bara_NCDraw v2
For the public
Iron Throne Decoy Robert


Does Lightbringer have Vigilant, or is it giving Vigilant to the character it is attached to? Big difference here:

-One means you can save a character multiple times per round.
-The other means you can attack multiple times per round

Which is it?
Lightbringer itself has the keyword vigilant, meaning it can stand anytime you win a challenge as the attacker.
It does not grant the vigilant keyword to the character it is attached to.
I don't geht this one. The FAQ says that if a card is moribund,you have to discard all power and attachments from it. So if a character is discarded,you can save it by e.g. bodyguard or ...lightbringer. But after this, the attachment is gone. So lightbringer is gone. So the vigilant keyword will never trigger, as lightbringer will always be discarded after it is used?!?

When an effect kills a character, the sequence is this:


1. Killing effect initiates.

2. Opportunity to save character(s) from being killed.

3. Killing effect resolves.


What you seem to be missing is that the killed card doesn't become moribund until #3. That is, the killed card becomes moribund when the effect resolves, not when it initiates. The whole point of the save (in #2) is to stop the card from ever becoming moribund in the first place.


So if you use Lightbringer in #2, the character never dies (in #3) and it never becomes moribund. Thus, it doesn't lose its attachments or power.

Thanks for clarifying. So after a character is moribund,it can no longer be saved?

Correct. In fact, once a card is moribund, it cannot be made "un-moribund." (Although some cards can change where it's going - for example, the event Retreat takes a card that is "moribund:dead pile" and changes it to "moribund:owner's hand.")