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The Hatchlings' Feast

The Hatchlings' Feast

The Hatchlings' Feast

Type: Event House: Targaryen
Game Text:

House Targaryen only.
Any Phase: Kneel 3 influence to choose 3 characters without any attachments. Until the end of the phase, one of those characters gets -1 STR, the second gets -2 STR, and the third gets -3 STR.
Number: 50 Set: ASitD
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Raya Golden
Recent Decks: Targaryen-KotHH
Targ Dragon burn 1.3
Shadows and Ambush
Targ - Kings of Summer - 1st Place Manila Store Championship (FAQ 5.0)


Is this card x1 or x3 in the pack ? As some other spoiler lists show it as x1.
It's 1x
Thanks for the heads up, quantity updated
Oct 09 2012 11:49 PM
Am I the only one who finds this mildly hard to use...and hard to justify use (unless Threat from the North (PotS) is revealed)
I rarely use it unless I have TftN revealed. I have a few times to nullify an incoming military, or even intrigue challenges with high claim, and occasionally to push a military challenge through... But yes, without the mentioned plot i prefer to spend the influence on straight out burn, Dragon Knights, Dragon Thieves etc.

But hey, as long as you have TftN in your plot deck, you know you can use it as soon as you get this card, making the "combo" much more reliable - and that's such a great way to turn the tide in about any game :)
Oct 10 2012 07:08 PM
also if your opponent has 2 or less characters (hopefully against a successful burn deck lol) doesn't the effect no go through??
You have to choose 3 characters, but you can choose one of your own if you need to. You also can choose different opponents' characters in melee.
Just an FYI, This whole cycle has been updated to the 60 card packs. So everything would be quantity of 3 now.
However people may own or find older packs, and need to know what was 1x and what was 3x. So changing all the older packs could confuse some players, or make it hard for them to find out the original quantity.