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City of Shadows

City of Shadows

City of Shadows

Type: Agenda House: Neutral
Game Text:

You may ignore the "House X only" deckbuilding restriction on any card with the Shadow crest. Whenever you bring any card with a "House X only" restriction that does not match your House card out of Shadows, pay 1 additional gold. If you do not have any cards in Shadows, you cannot claim power for unopposed challenges.
Number: 20 Set: CoS
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Andrew Navaro
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Jan 30 2012 10:47 PM
how does this work. do I need to pay 3 additional gold for an out out of house, house x only card or just the one? Would it still be the normal 2 gold penatly for normal out of house from the shadows.
The out of house penalty applies only when playing cards out of hand [that's why all non-neutral shadow cards have "House X only"]. So you only pay 1 additional gold when coming out of shadow. Although as far as I remember this does not apply for character abilities like "Challenges: Pay the rest of the cost to bring card out of shadows..." [like Meera Reed (TftH)], in that case you just pay the normal unmodified cost [I'm not 100% sure, so I could use some confirmation on that part].
Jan 31 2012 01:43 AM
You would always pay the additional cost to bring a card out of shadows. Since Meera says to pay the cost to bring her out of shadows, and the agenda specifies the extra gold to bring her out of shadows, she would still be three cost (in my opinion). I've been known to be flat wrong, though :).
Out-of-house gold penalty of 2 gold applies when marshalling (playing from hand during marshalling phase). Bringing out from shadows is not marshalling and does not have an out-of-house penalty. That's why, as Raven said, shadows cards are restricted to their houses.

This agenda increases the card's cost to bring out of shadows by a total of 1 (and 2 to put the card into shadows during marshalling).
Jan 31 2012 03:40 PM
sounds good, thanks for the clarification!
Laxen what about penalty of neutral cards brought out of shadows?
Since neutral shadow cards do not say "House X Only" they don't have any additional cost.
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Thanx a lot Prophit :)
Why would the out of house gold penalty not apply to Shadow cards? http://www.fantasyfl...ort/Shadows.pdf :

'When a card is brought out of Shadows
in this manner, the non-Shadows portion of its gold cost (the number
printed after the “s” in the card’s cost), as well as any applicable gold
penalties, is paid, or the card cannot come out of Shadows'
See Core Set Rules, p. 12

If, during marshalling, you wish to play a character, location, or attachment that is affiliated with a different House, the gold cost to play that card is increased by 2. This is called the gold penalty (...)

+ from the document you linked

At the beginning of the any phase, a card that is in Shadows can come out of Shadows and into play at the discretion of the player controlling the card.

So out-of-house gold penalty applies to cards you play during Marshalling, and when a card is brought out of Shadows it isn't played, but rather it comes into play.
It should also be noted that the Shadow rules also state there is no gold penalty for marshalling cards into shadows.

I still have a question about this one : it says when you bring a card out of shadow, you have to pay one additional gold. Is that a mandatory cost, or a side effect? Precisely, if i got no gold and wish to bring out of shadow a card (House X only, and no stark) with a 0s cost, can i bring it at 0gold, then try to pay 1 more gold ("oups, i'm broke") and this way "cheat" the additional 1g tax?
Sep 02 2013 04:10 PM
If you can't pay the gold you can't bring a card out of the shadows, period. The gold penalty is "always on". So if it's a printed s0 in reality it's s1.
Thx much
Mar 15 2015 04:40 PM

If i use this with the neutral house card, will it reduce the cost to bring out of house cards out from the shadows?


The Neutral House card has no house affiliation. With no house affiliation, you cannot compare your house to that of the "House X only" Shadow card. Since the comparison cannot be made, the play restrictions for the cost reduction effect will not be met.

Mar 15 2015 10:03 PM
So if i use this agenda with neutral house, i don't have to pay the extra Gold to bring an out of house card out of shadows... Or i can't use this agenda with neutral house?
You can use COS with Neutral house, but you will pay the 1 gold for every card that has a house affiliation (ie. Non-Neutrals) that you play from shadows.

Sorry I wasn't clear. I phrased it badly. Since no comparison can be made, no house affiliation can match. Since no house affiliation matches, you pay 1 extra for any "House X only," no matter the house.

Mar 16 2015 03:01 PM

oh ok thank you very much! i misread that XD