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Harry the Riverlands

Harry the Riverlands

Harry the Riverlands

Type: Event House: Lannister
Game Text:

House Lannister only.
Any Phase: Kneel any number of characters with combined printed cost 3 or lower.
Flavor Text: "Tell them I want to see the riverlands afire from the Gods Eye to the Red Fork."
–Tywin Lannister
Number: 88 Set: FF
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Sidharth Chaturvedi
Recent Decks: Lanni Kneel
PBTT Lannister Intrigue/kneel
PBtT Rush
lanni - conquest martel
Lannister City of Shadows - Ain't no party like a Preston Party


We had a discussion about that card. What are printed costs of
(1) events (Winter Reserves) or
(2) locations (Iron Island Marines)?

(4.19) Printed
Any reference made to "printed" be it cost, STR, icons, etc. only refers to the referenced item physically printed on the card itself. A card like Summer Reserves (Scattered Armies F119) does not have a printed cost or STR for instance. Any card effect that looked for the printed cost of a card without a printed cost would fail to find any cost and  would return a null value, no item that could be referenced.


(1) Does it mean, its not a valid target because is has no printed cost and that isn´t the same as 0 printed cost?
(2) Printed cost is 1.

Is that correct?



They have a null printed cost, therefore cannot be targeted by Harry.


They also dodge an "offensive" First Snow of Winter. 





Printed cost is 1, and Harry/First Snow can hit it.  Keep in mind, while it is a character it is NO LONGER a location.  This is important for cards that target locations (Ours for the Taking, things that kneel/discard locations, etc...)

Reinforcement events do get hit by Harry, they don't get hit by Ghaston Grey though.

Sep 18 2014 05:50 PM

I can't see why they would get hit by one and not the other.  Null is still not a value, such that 0 is a value.  So they shouldn't be effected by anything that is looking for a printed cost - such as Harry, First Snow or Ghaston.


To make a change to what Kizer wrote about locations turning characters, locations are cards with a printed cost.  Even if they have a separate cost for turning into a character, the marshaling cost is the "printed cost" that is looked at when determining what you can do with it.   (I write that to say that a printed 2 cost location that becomes a character is, at that time, a 2 cost character).

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