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Horseback Archers

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Horseback Archers

Horseback Archers

Type: Character House: Targaryen
Cost: 2 Strength: 3 Icons: Military
Game Text:
House Targaryen only.
Challenges: During a Military challenge, kneel 1 influence to put Horseback Archers into play from your hand, knelt, as an attacker or defender. Then, at the end of the phase, if Horseback Archers is in play, return it to its owner's hand.
Number: Set: QoD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Thomas Denmark
Recent Decks: targaryen build with core + QoD
dotrhaki v2
Dothraki Zerg
Qod Armies


Question about this card and Jhogo. If I'm reading both this card and the order of play in the FAQ correctly, I can attack with only Jhogo to give him stealth. After assigning stealth and defender kneeling is a player action window before resolving the challenge. In that window I can pop the Horseback Archers card into play knelt as an additional attacker by kneeling 1 influence. The result is that this card both gets around Jhogo's condition for stealth and provides an extra draw if I win the challenge since Horseback Archers is a Dothraki. Is that correct? If so, he's much more valuable than Horseback Hunters ASoSilence.
Yep thats correct, this card is IMO superior to Horseback Hunters (ASoSilence) however running both wouldn't be a bad idea
I had both before adding Pike Phalanx and then Hired Swords for low cost war crests. Now it's just this card.
Question about challenges: i know stripping a card of its icons mid challenge wont remove it but How soon does a challenge end after characters have been removed? For example if i attack with a refugee in a military challenge while first snow is revealed and it bounces is the challenge still going on so that i could use the archers effect and continue the military challenge?
Dec 06 2012 02:00 AM
I would think the challenge ends as soon as there are no participating characters. So that would be before you could do a player action to add him to the challenge. But I'm not certain.
Dec 06 2012 02:49 AM
The FAQ hints at what slothgodfather is talking about...

(3.28) Changing Control Mid-Challenge
If a character participating in a challenge
changes control during that challenge, that
character is removed from the challenge. If
said character was the only character in the
challenge, the challenge ends.
If that character was the only attacker or
defender, that player's STR during the
challenge is considered to be zero. All players
may trigger effects or pay costs as long
as there is at least one other participating

So here's a question, something I never saw before. When an opponent initiates a challenge with the keyword Joust, I may only declare one defender. During the action window am i then allowed to put horseback archers into play as a defender since it is now after the framework window of declaring defenders?
Jan 25 2013 03:07 AM
Here's the rules for Joust from the Tales of Champions rule book.

While a character with the joust keyword is attacking alone,
the defending opponent cannot declare more than 1 character
as a defender.

The archers, like jumping, Cat aren't declared so you can bring them in.
Jan 25 2013 03:57 PM
To be more clear, you can actually use those abilities during either Player Action window during a challenge. Say your opponent attacks you with Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS) who has the stealth keyword and has Joust from Tourney Lance (TftH) for a POW challenge. Lets also say he has increased STR from Tunnels of the Red Keep (CoS).

Before stealth is declared, you can use Greatjon Umber (WLL) to jump in as a defender. Then your opponent declares stealth on one of your characters and you declare Ser Rodrik Cassel (Core) as your 1 defender. So currently you have 1 declared defender, but 2 participating defenders. During player actions, you could use Catelyn Stark (LoW) to jump into the challenge as a defender and now that you have a lady in the fight you could also bring Guardian Wolf (TIoR) out of shadows to also participate in the fight. Granted, this is clearly overkill, but it shows you that you still only have 1 defender "declared" but you now have 4 defending "participants."
If i am attacked in a military challenge, and put into play Horseback Archers, loose the challenge.
I select him as moribound.
It goes to the hand and the end of the military challenge in which it has been declared as moribound (before diying) or it goes to the hand only if its alive at the end of the challenges phase???

It goes back to hand at the end of the challenge phase if it is still in play. If you killed it during the challenge, then it leaves play at the end of the challenge, so it will not be in play at the end of the phase. There is a challenges phase where you do challenges. But the challenges themselves are not phases.
Jun 06 2014 05:43 PM

If you bring this guy into play with his ability can you use danny's chambers to retrieve an attachment?

If you bring this guy into play with his ability can you use danny's chambers to retrieve an attachment?


Unfortunately not, as Horseback Archers' ability is 'put into play' and you can only trigger Lady Deanary's Chambre's effect in response to 'playing' a character, they are two separate mechanics.

Excerpt from the FAQ:

(4.4) "Play" and "Put into Play" 
Character, Location, and Attachment cards are 
“played” from the hand during the marshalling 
phase, by taking a player action and paying 
their gold cost.
Event cards are “played” by placing the card 
on the table, paying the specified cost, and 
triggering the effect.
"Put into play" effects are not considered to be 
"played." Similarly, when a card is "put into 
play," it does not trigger any "when played" 
effects, and vice versa. Both, however, would 
trigger effects that occur when a card "comes 
into play” or “enters play.”
"Put into Play" is a game mechanic that 
bypasses all costs (including all gold penalties) 
and play restrictions.

Quick question about this one: Do you have to have another character declared as a defender to be able to put him into play in the challenge as a defender?


Or when the challenge is declared, before you declare defenders, can you bring him into play knelt as the only defending card during that challenge? 

You can use this card's ability any time after the challenge begins to jump it in from your hand as a defender. There doesn't have to be another defender already participating. There's nothing that says there must be other attackers or defenders already participating in order to use the ability and jump this card in on one side of the challenge or another. 


You may be getting confused with the fact that, because of the required timing for "during a challenge," you cannot initiate a challenge by jumping this card in as your only attacker. The reason for this is because the ability can only be used during a challenge (i.e., after the challenge begins, but before it ends), and a challenge cannot begin until an attacker has been declared. So you have to declare an attacker first in order to get to a point where it is legal to use this card's ability (and jump it in as an attacker or defender).

Thanks for clearing that up for me.  

Guys, can I play "Horseback Archers" from my hand as attacker OR defender, but under control of another player (by the analogy with "Greatjon Umber": Kneel Greatjon Umber to have him participate in the current Military or Power challenge as either the attacker or as the defender)

Under the control of another player? No. There is nothing in the text of the Archers (or in Greatjon Umber for that matter) that changes the control of the character. The Archers always come into play under your control.


That said, there is no rule that says the attacking player has to control a character for it to count its STR as an attacking character. So long as it is participating as an attacker, it counts its STR toward the total attacking challenge STR for the attacking player, no matter who controls it. So you can use the Archers to help another player attack or defend - but they do not take control of your character if you do.

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