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Galbart Glover

Galbart Glover

Unique Galbart Glover

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
House Glover.
Immune to opponents' events.
While resolving any effect that would allow you to search your deck, you may instead search your discard pile.
Flavor Text: "The ironmen have my castle and now the Lannisters have my brother..."
Number: 41 Set: CbtC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Nacho Molina
Recent Decks: Stark Black Sails
Direwolves siege
King Robb's Armies (Siege)


How does he interact with Maester Luwin? Do you search the first 5 cards of your discard pile pick an event to put in your hand and shuffle the remaining cards in your deck?
The only thing I could find on the subject is kotm's comment that Galbart Glover wouldn't be usable when searching only X cards:
From FFG's Forums

Right now, we are saying "no," although there could be an official word or update to the FAQ to the contrary.

The reason we are saying "no" is because FFG has been clear that there is a difference between effects that say "discard your hand" and "discard X cards from your hand." When you discard your entire hand en masse, you are not allowed to use Responses such as "after you discard a card from your hand...". This sets up the expectation and understanding that when individual cards make up a set (hand, deck, discard pile, etc.), the individual cards and the set are considered to be different entities. So "when you search your deck" implies the entire set of cards that makes up your "deck." Searching the "top 5 cards of your deck" is thus different because it does not look at the entire set of cards that makes up your "deck."

So Galbart does not apply to effects that do not allow you to search your entire deck.

You are right Darksbane. Those two effects are different. Anyway we have 3for3 character with event immunity who enables search discard deck for effects of few stark search cards like:
Winterfell Kennels (Core), Bran the Builder's Legacy (Core)
To Be a Wolf (SB), Wolf Herald (SB) andJeyne Westerling (ASoS). He requires for his ability other card but with so many searches in Stark it should not be en issue.
I would add Rickon Stark (MotA) for some nice combos.