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Maester Lomys

Maester Lomys

Unique Maester Lomys

Type: Character House: Baratheon
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Maester. House Tyrell.
Any Phase: Kneel Maester Lomys and discard 1 power each from any number of characters you control to have each of those characters gain "cannot be killed" until the end of the phase.
Number: 45 Set: CbtC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Cory R. Turner
Recent Decks: (MELEE) NOBLE CAUSE (2nd in Chilean Melee National)
All Your Chars Are Belong To Me (1st place Stoke-on-Trent Store Champs 2014)
Only Maesterly Dead (1st Place, Stockton Store Championship 2014)
A Noble Cause Holy


He can be usefull to avoid massive removal like Westeros Bleeds (Core) or famous
Valar Morghulis (Core) remembering that to stop last one you need to have
Dragonstone Port (Core) in play. It might be usefull to play it during challanges phase if we have some characters with a lot of power of them and we want to be sure they survive till end of the challange phase.
Westeros Bleeds discards ;)
Is it true you need dragonstone port to activate the Maester Lomys hability? it is any phase...
Well, no. You don't need Dragonstone Port to activate Lomys. However what berto meant was that if you trigger Lomys before plots are chosen, then your opponent will not choose Valar Morghulis (Core) this round (unless he has no other choice).
It's extremely useful if you are running Valar as part of your strategy.
Can we bring him out using at the gates, while opponent is using valar. Since u have higher initiative, you can trigger his ability before valar effect comes in? Or if not possible, what's the explanation?
Plots resolve first before you can take any new actions, and Lomys's ability is not a Response, it's an Any Phase action.

So you could bring him out but couldn't trigger his ability as you'd need to do that as a new action, and your characters would already be dead due to the Valar resolving. In fact if you brought him out first with At The Gates then Lomys would die to the Valar too.

Sep 01 2013 09:20 PM
Check out this thread to see some more details on the Timing Structure