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Ghaston Grey

Bounce Errata

Ghaston Grey

Unique Ghaston Grey

Type: Location House: Martell
Game Text:

Challenges: Return a Martell Noble character you own and control to your hand to choose an opponent’s character of equal or lower printed cost. Return that character to its owner's hand.
Flavor Text: Ser Manfrey proved a bit more forthcoming. "They were taken to the Planky town and will be conveyed by ship to Ghaston Grey, until such time as Prince Doran decides their fate."
Number: 34 Set: FtC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Ignacio Lazcano
Recent Decks: Noble
Bloodthirst 3rd UK nats after swiss (5W1L)
Stark Noble Conquest Martell
The Only Way is Orphan - Rayleigh, Essex (UK) Regional Winner 17/05/2014
lanni - conquest martel


For me this is one of the best control card martell has in pool. For only 1 gold we have possibility to bounce our noble and one choosen opponent character. We have currently four nobles but only three are commonly played: Arianne Martell (PotS), Edric Dayne (IG) and
The Red Viper (PotS). Last one is too expensive but furst two characters especially Edric are quite good to bounce something with a lot of attachments or power back to hand to get rid of this threat. Note that your noble can be kneeled. So we can first kneel our character for
A Game of Cyvasse (ACoS) and then return it to hand with this card. Our opponent will lose two characters for this round.
Dec 01 2011 07:38 PM
Because no one else has mentioned it here yet, this card is going to become even more absurdly good once Myrcella Lannister (ODG) is out.
So if I've got, say, Edric Dayne out with a duplicate, and I use Ghaston Grey, what happens? Does my duplicate get discarded and the other card come back to my hand? Or can I "save" Edric by returning the duplicate to my hand, leaving the other copy in play?

The latter sounds absurdly good, it can't possibly be that.
You can't save from a "return to hand" action. Since the duplicate is considered an attachment you would loose it to your discard pile when you put Edric back in your hand.
Ah, I see why the new Myrcella at cost 2 is considered so important now.
Dec 13 2011 06:06 AM
Well... you can't save the Martell character because it is a cost. The opponent can save his character with a dupe though.
Mar 21 2012 07:34 PM
Can someone clarify a bit here. According to rules duplicates allow saves for "return to the hand" effects. Sounds like in the above example that that Edric would remain in play and a duplicate would just be discarded since there is no if/then or "cannot be saved" text in Ghaston Grey. Or am I just off base?
Well, the timing doesn't actually work here. When paying costs there is no save/cancel window. So when you go to return Edric to your hand as a cost to choose a character, there is no timing window to save him from being returned to hand.
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Mar 21 2012 08:06 PM
Got it. I've not quite memorized where there are and are not open actions windows. :-)
Yeah no worries there. You can always go to the FAQ and look at the timing charts there if you ever need a refresher.
Besides which i dont think you can do a save action against paying a "cost" as that save action would then null and void the actual payment thus no action
Korvacv is right- if you don't actually return the martell noble, you don't get the 'to'
Nerfed with the 3.2 FAQ. Now putting Myrcella back in hand won't return me my 8 cost army.
Let's say I have Red Viper with his duplicate. The opponent has a unique character with duplicate as well. How can I play Chaston Grey on that character? Should I return both Vipers in hand?Can he discard the duplicate to save his character?
If you return your Red Viper to your hand to pay for Ghaston Grey, he is returned to hand and the duplicate is discarded. Duplicates don't count as attachments so you can target his unique character. However, duplicates can be discarded to save from any effect that would remove the card from play. So his unique character would most likely remain in play unless you had a cancel for his save, like He Calls It Thinking (PotS).
Let's say that I am the attacker and I finish attacks. Then opponent finishes his attacks too. According to the chart, there is no action window right? So Ghaston cannot be played after the determination of the last challenge. Am I right? Another scenario.... I am done with my challenges and opponent passes his challenges. May I use Ghaston? Thanks!
Nov 09 2012 01:56 PM
You're right about the first scenario. As for the second, you'd have to use the player action window immediately following your last challenge. If you both pass then it'd be too late.
Nov 09 2012 02:25 PM
Actually he's wrong in the first scenario. There is always a player action window following a challenge (in case of theoretical actions that can grant challenges) so Ghaston Grey could be used there.

The second question should probably be asked in the new player questions thread so someone more knowledgable than I can answer it. I believe it would go:

Player 1 and Player 2 pass on player actions.
Player 2 passes on challenge opportunities.
Go back to the opportunity for player actions. Perform actions as you like.
Player 2 then gets another chance to perform a challenge as his challenges aren't used up.
Nov 09 2012 02:53 PM

Actually he's wrong in the first scenario. There is always a player action window following a challenge (in case of theoretical actions that can grant challenges) so Ghaston Grey could be used there.

As I'm reading the timing flowchart (and I usually find myself being wrong ^_^), when a player passes on his/her challenge opportunities, the game moves on to the next framework action window which is when the next player becomes the active player. According to the flowchart, there's only a player action window after the player 1 is finished, not after player 2. I guess this is a case where the flowchart might be outdated? Has this situation been clarified somewhere that I've missed?
Nov 09 2012 03:00 PM

Has this situation been clarified somewhere that I've missed?

Answering my own question here by linking to a thread on FFG's forums: http://www.fantasyfl...=4&efidt=723645

TL;DR: Yes, there is a player action window at the end of the challenges phase, just like ShadowcatX2000 said.
I have Ghaston. Then Frozen Solid is attached to it. Then I play another Ghaston for dupe. What happens? Is Frozen Solid still blanking Ghaston or it is descarded?
Nov 27 2012 02:19 AM
Yes Ghaston is still blank because it still has frozen solid.
Since the errata refers to printed cost, Winter Reserves (SA) and Summer Reserves (SA) are immune?
Nov 11 2013 04:26 PM