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The Citadel of Oldtown

The Citadel of Oldtown

Unique The Citadel of Oldtown

Type: Location House: Neutral
Game Text:
Response: Kneel The Citadel of Oldtown to save a Maester character from being killed or discarded from play, then return that character and all of its Chain attachments to their owners' hands.
Flavor Text: "... and at the Citadel in Oldtown they can teach you a thousand things more." - Maester Luwin
Number: 16 Set: GotC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Franz Miklis
Recent Decks: Maesters of Defiance
Maesters Behind the Throne
Martell été
Bara goes Knight+Maester
Golden Ebrose


It has two usefull elements. We can save our maester plus all his attachment and return them to hand back. And we can re-use when character come in to play ability for example on
Maester of Lemonwood (BtW). Works perfectly with The Maester's Path (GotC) agenda saving our attachments from discards. Having this in play we don't need to worry and distribute attachments on more characters. We can utilize them on one maester to maximize their use. In such deck it deserves rate 4 I think.
Can I save an apprentice collar maester?
Question, if I have used Copper Link (GotC) to asign He Calls It Thinking (PotS) the Chain trait, can He Calls it Thinking be saved under the terms of this card as a 'chain' 'attachment'?
If you gave He Calls It Thinking the Chain trait before you needed to save your character from being killed/discarded during the same phase, then yes.
The Save/Cancel response window (The Citadel Of Oldtown) is before the general response window (Copper Link).