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Widow's Watch

Widow's Watch

Unique Widow's Watch

Type: Location House: Stark
Game Text:
Response: After you play a unique card from your hand, kneel Widow's Watch or kneel a Learned character to search your deck for a copy of that card, reveal it, and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
Number: 2 Set: GotC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Franz Miklis
Recent Decks: Kindly Stark Version 2.
Stark-Theon Murder
Unique Direwolf


Very good card to protect powerfull or crucial unique cards. Can be considered in any deck which is based on uniques your deck is build around. Can be considered in maester build to use it twice by kneeling learned character first time.
Makes wonders in my Stark Nobles deck. Great at getting dupes on my chars while they are immortal using Power of Blood; When my two plots are spent, they stay almost untouchable by Valar etc using these until victory is achieved.
How does this interact with shadows, if at all?
It doesn't apply to playing shadows cards. "Playing a card into shadows" or even "bringing a card out of shadows" isn't the same as "playing a card from your hand" as a game mechanic.
Feb 25 2014 01:55 AM
Would it be worth using House of Dreams (ARotD) with this for a direwolf deck rather than Siege? The deck also has quite a few stark nobles.
Hello guys.
I just wanted to ask if Widow's Watch triggers its effect when it is played from your hand. Meaning that you can search for a duplicate of widow's watch right when you play the first one from your hand...

Considering how cards with "when XXXX comes out of shadows" trigger themselves right after they come out of shadows , i suppose Widow's Watch would do the same...

Thanks in advance.
You can trigger its effect after you play it, response comes after the resolution of effect.

Can you search for a different version of that unique card as long as it has the same name? Or does the card have to be an exact copy of that card?

Aug 10 2014 10:34 PM

Yes, as long as the name matches exactly.  The word "copy" refers to any card with the same name.  

Thank you!

How many uniques with dupes do you reckon you need to have in your deck to make running this worthwhile?

Apr 15 2015 10:46 AM

How many uniques with dupes do you reckon you need to have in your deck to make running this worthwhile?


I run this in a Stark deck which is entirely unique characters, it's almost the only reason I've been able to build the deck like that. In terms of build there's maybe 3x 3-ofs and the rest is all two copies per character.