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Bitterbridge Encampment

  • Type: Location
  • Faction: Tyrell (Loyal)
  • Cost: 3
  • The Reach.
  • Reaction: After a Summer plot card is revealed, kneel Bitterbridge Encampment. Then, each player may put a character into play from his or her hand.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 5
  • Illustrator: Matthew Cowdery
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I hope King Renly is an amazing card, because right now, I don't know where the Tyrells are headed....


They have excellent resource advantadge tools (gold modifiers, draw and search effects, put into play bypassing cost engines like this one, etc) but lack the characters worth using them on... 

Aug 09 2016 07:38 PM

The best play is to choose to go second after calm over westeros.  Have them drop something big.  You drop Varys.

Aug 09 2016 11:54 PM
I've actually loved this card in my new deck but it's essential for the deck to work or else I fall behind econ wise. I run Tyrell dragon and my deck has 3 8 cost cards 7 7 cost cards then loads of 6 and 5 costers. and only a few weenies
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Aug 09 2016 11:55 PM

I run Tyrell dragon and my deck has 3 8 cost cards 7 7 cost cards then loads of 6 and 5 costers. and only a few weenies


Bro, do you even setup? ;)

Aug 10 2016 11:39 AM

My ideal setup with this in deck is this card, the arbor, and two one cost arbor knights. 

Aug 10 2016 02:54 PM

That's an 11-gold setup?

My ideal setup with this in deck is this card, the arbor, and two one cost arbor knights. 


How are you making Arbor knights cost only one?

Aug 15 2016 10:21 PM

Bro, do you even setup? ;)

haha it can be hard the deck is on the janky side and I'm testing refining it but if I hit arbour or this which I run 3 of each in setup I'm happy. I still run a few weenies I basically miss out the middle of the typical cost curve there's no 4 costs and only 1 3 cost. What's usually here is replaced with 8,7,6 cost characters. Summer plots mostly have 5 gold which is decent :) so econ isn't an issue ever. And my board fills up with big bomb characters rapidly. But if I don't get the setup then it falls flat especially if building orders misses.
BATMF and Much and More also help.
Aug 16 2016 12:09 PM

sorry, 1 of the reducers, I was thinking previous to the encampment with just the arbor

Quick question regarding the timing on this: would the "When Revealed" text on a summer plot (eg "Close Call") be resolved before Bitterbridge Encampment?

Yes, because "When revelead" are mandatory abilities (like Forced reactions), they happen first.


So first all "When revealed" trigger (first player decides order) and then you can trigger reactions to revealing plots, such as Bitterbridge Encampment.

Great, thanks! :)

Great, thanks! :)


To clarify - the result from dukman above is correct, but the reasoning isn't quite right. The RR specifies that the process of revealing a plot includes 1) Comparing INitiative, 2) Determining first player, 3) resolving when revealed abilities. Then, and only, then, can you react to revealing a plot (because you've completed all 3 steps). So it's not because When revealeds are "mandatory" that they happen before Bitterbridge, but because bitterbridge is reacting to something that just happens after.

As a contrast, there's a card that reacts to being first player (Cersei's Wheelhouse). It's optional, but its triggering condition IS before when revealeds, because it's not reacting to the process of revealing a plot.

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I could have sworn I saw a break down of Bitter Bridge which broke its resolution up into multiple parts. something like the following:


Players reveal plots (one of which is a summer)

Bitter Bridge is knelt and players place their nominated characters, face down, on the table

Plot When Revealed effects are conducted

Bitter Bridge resolves and players reveal the the characters they brought into play


It stuck in my mind because it was important to Kneel Bitter Bridge before the When revealed because a player could have an effect which allows them to draw cards which would potentially impact the range of characters they had access to

Here's the rules thread about Bitterbridge: link.


The sequence is this:


- Players reveal plots, compare initiative, and determine the first player.

- When Revealed abilities on all plots resolve.

- Bitterbridge is triggered. The first player chooses and reveals a character, then the second player does the same, then players simultaneously put the chosen characters into play.