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Type: Resource: Location - Seedy
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 4
[Click], [Click], [Click], [Click]: Draw 10 cards.
Set: First Contact Number: 054 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Gong Studios
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wow this is scary! combo decks dream card. I want to run every plus hand size card ever and run this just for the heck of it. 

Sep 20 2014 02:54 AM

Eh...that is a big tempo hit and wasteful to boot. Maybe there will be some other pieces coming out that make this less self indulgent.


You lose an entire turn, and end up discarding a lot of cards. I've seen some discussion about using it in a recursion deck to deliberately seed the trash with pieces to pull out. My thoughts on that are kind of rooted in MtG. I used to play MtG a lot, and I was primarly a Mono Black Control or Suicide Black or Necro Black player. I'm very comfortable playing a reanimation / recursion deck. Even in Jyhad / VteS my goto deck was a Giovanni recursion machine that abused recursive telepathic misdirection and similar effects plus political shenanigans.


So, if this was a shaper card, I'd be down with the recursion angle. But at four influence in Anarch, not so much. I don't want to import the good recursion cards into Anarch, and I don't want to import this card into Shaper...maybe a fun little Exile deck but even then...meh.


Played straight I suppose I can see an angle where you use Box-E and or Public Sympathy to mitigate the discard impact, use a big hand as net / brain damage protection vs Plascrete, and build some kind of combo deck where you need a lot of pieces and having a massive draw enables that. But, for me, Anarch works best when sticking to the fundamentals and concentrating on disruption or denial plus efficient access.


I'm interested to see some deck lists using Duggars to see if a new archetype emerges.

Yeah, only really useful in combination with huge hand-expansion so that you can keep the cards.  Can't see it being that useful just to trash cards for recursion.  Still, in a deck with all the hand-expansion cards it might be okay.  (I've got a Shaper deck like that, so might try it out.)

In a deck that would include Clone Chip, Test Run, Scavenge, Retrieval Run, Déjà Vu and Same Old Thing, this could set a fun toolbox environment, where your heap becomes part of your grip.

Maybe it's time to build a 70 card deck.

combo with 3 origami and you have the drawing powerhouse of months to come.

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