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Smuggling Shipment

Smuggling Shipment

Smuggling Shipment

Type: Event
Cost: 0
Force Icons: 2
Faction: Light Smugglers and Spies
Action: Target up to 2 resource generating cards, each controlled by a different friendly player. Remove 1 focus token from each targeted card.
Block Number: 93 - 5 of 6
Set: Balance of the Force Number: 428
Illustrator: Mariusz Gandzel
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Obviously has it's uses in 4-player and in theory I could see its use in 2-player. In practice, the fact that it doesn't replace itself when played means I have ditched it for the Edge every time I have ever seen it. 


But hey--2 to the Edge is enough to setup a Don't Get Cocky on an unopposed Engagement (like from our Rumor Mongering friends in this pod). 

it has uses in a 1v1 game.  You can single focus a 2 resource objective, use this to unfocus it and then use both resources again.  You can use a resource on a unit, then proceed to use this to unfocus that unit on your turn to reuse it or save it for your opponents turn for a surprise blocker.  You could use this on your opponents turn to pull a single focus off one of your double resource cards so it is ready for your next turn.  It really has all kinds of uses, and should really rarely be discarded as most decks have 2 resource objectives, enhancements, and even a few units out there.

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The card can also be great if you have resource-generating enhancements with special abilities that require them to focus. For example, it can let you use Kashyyyk Resistance Hideout twice in one turn, providing shields that can more than make up for losing edge if your units have enough black icons. I also like using it with Echo Caverns to give two tactics icons to my unblockables.

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You're both not wrong. It can be used for resource advantage and I have thought about using it that way before. In practice, though, I've just found more use from it's force icons. 


Echo Cavern's is actually a great use for this I hadn't thought of, though--which is weird since they're both Smuggler sets. I will have to make up a deck running this with Renegade Squadron. 

Mar 16 2016 07:48 PM

You can also use it to double strike with certain units. Crix and the Sulon Sympathizer come to mind.

You can also use it to double strike with certain units. Crix and the Sulon Sympathizer come to mind.


Hmm, that's clever. Independence, anyone?

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