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The Defense of Yavin 4

The Defense of Yavin 4

The Defense of Yavin 4

Type: Objective
Faction: Light Rebel Alliance
Yavin 4.
Interrupt: When you play a Vehicle unit, discard X cards from your hand to reduce its cost by X (to a minimum of 1).
Health: 5
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 8 - 1 of 6
Set: Core Number: 0138
Illustrator: Ralph McQuarrie
* * * * *   3 Rebel Sympathizers have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 8
Block Stats:
# Units: 2
Total Cost: 9
Average Cost: 1.8
Total Force Icons: 6
Average Force Icons: 1.2
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Oct 15 2015 12:07 PM

What happens if this effect is countered by "It's Worse" (34-6)? Can the LS player trigger it again by spending extra cards? And if not (or if they choose not to) what happens with the resource (or resources) that were spent to attempt to play the unit?

Q.1.  Can the LS player trigger it again by spending extra cards?


It's Worse only cancels the effect of Defense of Yavin 4 and not the resolution, so cannot be executed again for that unit being played by the LS player.
However, if the LS player had a second copy of Defense of Yavin 4 in play, they could choose to use its interrupt after the first copy's effect is cancelled.


Rulebook, page 24:

"A card’s interrupt effect may only be resolved once per triggering condition."


It's Worse:

"Interrupt: When another Interrupt effect is executed, cancel its effects."




Q.2. What happens with the resource (or resources) that were spent to attempt to play the unit?


Interrupts resolve before their triggering effect. Resources would not be generated to play the vehicle until after The Defense of Yavin 4's interrupt is cancelled or resolved.


If the effect is cancelled and the LS player is unable to generate enough resources to play the unit, the unit returns to hand and is not played.


Rulebook, page 16:

"When a player wishes to play a card or is required to spend resources to execute an ability, he first reveals the card or designates the desired ability to the opponent. Then he generates the required number of resources from resource-providing cards in his play area to pay for the cost. After doing so, he plays the card or executes the designated ability. If a player cannot generate enough resources to pay the resource cost, the card cannot be played (it returns to his hand) nor the designated ability executed."

BakaMatt has it exactly correct.  Additionally, if It's Worse is used to cancel DoY4, the discarded cards remain discarded and if the LS player can pay to finish playing the vehicle they must do so.

Dec 20 2015 03:36 AM

What if the LS player has two of these objectives in play?  Would discarding 1 card reduce the cost by 2 resources?  Had some discussion around this situation in our last game and was curious to what others thought.  I was leaning toward it not doubling the effect since it was an interrupt and not a constant.  Appreciate input/feedback from others.

Your reasoning is correct. Even if the LS player has two copies in play, each discarded card would only reduce the cost of the vehicle by 1. Even so, it might be worth having two copies of the objective out so your opponent has to destroy both to disable the effect.

Dec 21 2015 08:12 PM

Thank you for confirming my position.  

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