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Trust Me

Trust Me

Trust Me

Type: Objective
Faction: Light Smugglers and Spies
Cloud City.
Smugglers and Spies affiliation only.
Interrupt: When an event card is played, deal 2 damage to this objective to cancel that event card's effects.
Health: 5
Resources Generated: 2
Block Number: 71 - 1 of 6
Set: Edge of Darkness Number: 327
Illustrator: Ralph McQuarrie
* * * * -   9 Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 71
Block Stats:
# Units: 2
Total Cost: 9
Average Cost: 1.8
Total Force Icons: 6
Average Force Icons: 1.2
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If the card has four damage on it, can the ability be used to destroy it and cancel the event?
No because you can't complete the "cost" of 2 damage to utilize the interrupt. I'm sure this is why it's health is 5, although I believe there is another objective that heals damage from objectives when events are played. could be a good combo considering all the amazing events S&S have these days.
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I agree with BobaFett. For some other precedent, see the way over-damaging Chewie with Old Ben's Spirit was ruled (the "over-kill" was ignored because the game ignores damage beyond damage capacity). In this case, you can initiate the Interrupt and deal the 2 damage to the objective, but the 2nd damage would be ignored as it's beyond the damage capacity. Thus, you wouldn't have paid the "cost" of dealing 2 damage. If you wanted to kill your own objective though, it's an option.
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Thanks for the answers! (That was my thinking as well, comming from AGoT, but we had an argument last night and wasn't sure it worked like that in SW as well)
pojomtg: "If 'Trust Me' currently has 4 damage counters on it, can it still cancel an Event?"

Nate: "You can attempt to deal 2 damage to the objective, but as per the rule on page 21 (under damage), damage in excess of a card's damage capacity is ignored. Because of this, the (full) cost of the cancel effect is not successfully paid, and the effect does not occur."
I don't see why not, but can you damage Trust me to cancel your own events?

I found myself in a situation where I had just played Sliced In to place The False Report on top of my objective pile. I really needed to reset the board. So I gave Trust Me the two damage it needed to be destroyed and replaced on my next turn with the false report.

I don't expect this to happen frequently - it's a desperate move, but in that case, it worked and allowed me to make a nice comeback!
Can't see a problem. As long as the played card is an event, you can use the interrupt.
Apr 17 2014 07:39 PM
I think you guys are incorrect. The cost to play this interrupt is "Deal 2 damage to this objective". So 2 damage does not have to be dealt in order for it to take effect. As per the rule book.

(4.12) Dealing/Dealt Damage
‘Dealing damage’ and ‘dealt damage’ are two similar, but
distinct game terms.
‘Dealing damage’ is a process that generates damage
that needs to be assigned to one or more cards.
Damage has been successfully ‘dealt’ if it has actually
made it onto a card (units and objectives being the
most common). In order for a card to have been
‘dealt damage,’ it must have one or more damage
tokens physically placed on it. If some effect prevents,
reassigns, or moves that damage to another card, the
original card has not been ‘dealt damage.’

So I am pretty sure it is legal for you to Deal 2 damage to this objective when it is at 4 damage tokens and use the ability due to the distinction between dealing damage and dealt damage.
we are having a similar discussion in the rules thread as we spaek. I can tell you without a doubt that if you can't do 2 damage to the objective you cannot use its ability, however, at least according to the pre-faq rules you could ATTEMPT to deal 2 damage to it if it had 4 damage already on it, there by dealing 1 damage to destroy it (if you wanted to bring in a new objective, but you were unable to pay the cost so the effect doesn't go off.

I'm thinking that in the new faq per 3.6, this shouldn't be allowed anymore because as 3.6 states:

(3.6) Initiation of Card Abilities
In order to trigger a card ability, the possibility that at
least some independent aspect of that card ability’s effect
might successfully resolve must exist. (In other words,
card abilities cannot be initiated just to pay the cost.) If,
given the current game state, it is impossible for at least
one aspect of the effect to resolve, the ability cannot be
This check is made during step one of Effect Resolution
(pg. 7), when all play restrictions are checked.

so that tells me you can't complete any part of the effect, so it can't be initiated, but maybe i'm wrong about that and you can't still do your 1 damage to the objective....
Apr 18 2014 05:30 PM
But this card states that you deal 2 damage, not that you need to have dealt 2 damage to pay the cost. I think the confusion is coming from people not understanding the difference between dealing damage and being dealt damage
The ruling from Nate is posted here via TGO.

This is an edge case that may be a little confusing, but there is no contradiction:

1) Your opponent plays an event, creating a game state where the the effect of “Trust Me” can potentially “do something” to alter the game state. (That’s all the new entry cares about checking.) This means that,

2) You may attempt to pay the cost of Trust Me. So,

3) You attempt to deal 2 damage to Trust Me. Unfortunately, it only has 1 damage capacity remaining. Therefore, only 1 damage is successfully dealt. And

4) The effect of Trust Me fails, as its cost was not paid. The event may resolve. (And Trust Me is destroyed.)

This is very confusing because the recent faq made it clear that unless the effect has the possibility of resolving, you can't initiate the effect. Since there is no possibility of resolving the effect, how can you even attempt to play this effect? They just got done changing how Tribal Support works, which seems to follow the same line of ruling. Unless there is an Ewok in your discard, you can't initiate the effect to discard a card.
So..you can use trust me if it has 3 damage on it? I'm now confused
You've always been able to use it if it has 3 damage on it, and the event will indeed be cancelled (and Trust Me destroyed). If Trust Me has 4 damage, you can still attempt to cancel an event and add the damage, but since you ignore damage past the health limit, the event wouldn't be cancelled.
Nov 01 2016 12:37 AM

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