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Calculated Wager

Calculated Wager

Calculated Wager

Type: Event
Cost: 0
Force Icons: 2
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Reaction: After you lose an edge battle, return 1 card in an edge stack to its owner’s hand.
The right flip of the cards can turn a bad day into a great day.
Block Number: 155 - 5 of 6
Set: Evasive Maneuvers Number: 0766
Illustrator: Cristi Balanescu
* * * - -   3 Bounty Hunting Scum have rated this card!
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this card could be handy

I don't personally like it at first glance. It's like a little insurance for playing bad. But why would I want to play bad in the first place?

Trickier players might get better uses out of this. I'm honestly quite straightforward in my playstyle. Guess that's why I like Navy and Rebels.

Agreed, I think this card is pretty bad actually, and the fact that it actually has 2 force icons makes me want to toss it into the edge rather then fish something out of an edge battle.

This whole pod is designed with losing Edge in mind. If your Scum deck really does lose Edge consistently and you don't want to improve it, I guess this is the pod for you. If you are gonna lose anyway, might as well get some benefits out of it.

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I sense sacasm in you young Solaris.

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The event should let you retrieve a card from your stack when winning or losing. Maybe give it a cost of 1 to keep it balanced.

Even then, this would still be a garbage set because the chuds are about the worst trash to be seen in the 2-cost department since Probe Droids. Won't rate them with a 0 in our review simply because 1 is the lowest score.

About the chuds.. why do you feel they're so bad ? 1 health ?

It's a combo set.  Get the objective and Dannik out and your opponent has to decide how much they really want to win edge (they probably still do, but you don't care quite as much).  You can play off of that to try to drain your opponent's hand some, tossing a useful low-edge card to bluff them into putting more into edge and then getting it back with Calculated Wager.


I doubt it will set the competitive scene on fire, but it's a neat concept.  Zuckuss, Boba Fett (both versions), Xizor, Mara, Emperor... lots of units who would love to have Dannik join them while attacking.

and thats the problem scum has faced from the beginning.  Its a terrible set, with a terrible combo.   If your going to make a combo set, than at least make the combo worth doing.   you can't be serious with the whole "your opponent has to decide how much they really want to win the edge".  Of course he does, thats why this set is so bad.  if your consistently losing the edge battles, your not going to win the game.  The only card i actually want to see in the entire set is Dannik, and even then, his ability only works while attacking....  This set is utter garbage, and as long as FFG keeps making these types of sets for scum, and sets like Vima for jedi, they aren't going to see a marked improvement.

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About the chuds.. why do you feel they're so bad ? 1 health ?

Health is the first issue.

Then we have the ability... why the hell does it have a double restriction? So I get unit damage when I don't really need it: attacking (yes, I'm exaggerating, but it's still pretty useless unless they can gain targeted strike or we receive borderline broken support cards for mercenaries). Furthermore, they don't even gain unit damage when attacking alone, so you need to attack with 3+ units to make the bonus worthwhile.

Finally, while the damage being edge-enabled makes sense for the theme of this set, it becomes worthless if Dannik isn't out and attacking as well.


Seriously, if it was going to be edge-enabled and only count OTHER friendly units, make it work defensively as well, so if you can win the edge (which is rather difficult with only 7 edge pips in the set) you can potentially kill that big threat with your questionable investment.



On the rest, I agree with Boba. There will be times when Calculated Wager can give you a slight advantage, but what's been your opportunity cost? Most other sets would probably contribute more for your winning condition.

I actually like Dannik quite a lot. Even if his ability is limited to attacking, he's got some very decent stats for his cost. And because I like him is that I'm so mad. I don't think I can play him in a good deck with all the wrong things in this set.



This is what's wrong with the pod system. One good card in a lousy set is a waste of a good card, because you can't justify putting the other 5 cards in your deck.

It's not that the pod system is wrong, but some decision-making behind each pod.

I've always thought one point of the pod system was to make balancing easier. You could have very strong cards coupled with weak ones to get, generally, a decent set that would be better or worse depending on the player's ability and creativity to build a deck.


However, in this particular case we could say that half the set is very weak while the other half is average to slightly strong, so in the end it's still not a good bet to include it.

At the same time we have sets in which it's hard to see glaring weaknesses, and that's why they make it into most decks.

I agree with you guys, is this set also designed for the 4 player version because they have the supporting fire fate card? Also calculating wager could you take a twist back into your hand? This set could have been better if it had a better fate card, better mercenary's. The objective is ok. Also they need to stop making supporting fire no one wants to play 4 player least I don't really.  

I don't think having Supporting Fire means this pod was designed for 2v2. That fate card is amazing to win edge battles without overcomitting. I personally like it a lot for 1v1.


You can't recover a Twist with Calculated Wager, as you're not actually losing the edge battle, but resetting it.

so supporting fire can be used for 1v1?

You are a friendly player to yourself yes.

but says from his hand into your which your indicates someone but I could be wrong. has anyone asked fantasy flight about this? 

nice thing is mercenary's are neutral. wish they had 2 force icons.

It says 'choose target friendly player'. You are friendly to yourself so you can choose yourself.

Nov 17 2016 05:01 PM

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